Astrologer In Green Park Lakshmi Saraswati Yoga

Astrologer in green park Lakshmi Saraswati Yoga

Astrologer in green park on Venus gives everything, wealth, glory, prestige, beauty, love

Venus, the signifier of beauty and material pleasures, looks very bright and beautiful to see. Venus gives
wealth, splendor, prestige, prosperity, beauty and love, but when it is strong in your horoscope,
it is sitting in auspicious houses.
Various types of yogas are formed from Venus like Raja Yoga, Lakshmi YogaSaraswati Yoga etc.
Today we will discuss these yogas…
If Venus is situated in the Ashwini Nakshatra and is situated in the Ascendant and there is a vision of
three planets, then such a person is a strong king, who conquers his enemies.
If the Ascendant is strong and is situated in the second house with Venus and the sign of the zodiac located
in the second house is not the enemy or debilitated sign of the ascendant or Venus,
then such a person is a king.
Man is a king with incomparable fame…
If Jupiter and Moon are in the Kendra at the time of birth and Venus is aspected by them and there is no planet
in the debilitated sign, then a person is a king of Atul Kirti.
If Venus is strong and it has any kind of relation with the fourth house,
then such a person is rich.
Ascendant or Ascendant, then Maharaja Yoga is formed and such a person is the owner of immense wealth.
If the strong Venus is situated in the eleventh house or the twelfth house from the ascendant,
then Raja Yoga occurs.
Lakshmi Yoga
If Venus is the lord of fortune or if Venus is situated in its own house or exaltation and
is in Kendra or triangle from Lagna, then Lakshmi Yoga is formed. This is an excellent Raja Yoga.
A person born in this yoga is a good-natured woman, brilliant, wealthy, healthy, keeps others happy, charitable,
has good riders and protects other people and is a good ruler.
Saraswati Yoga
If Venus is in Kendra or Trikona or 2nd house from Mercury, Jupiter and Ascendant and
Jupiter is strong in Swarashi, Mitra Rashi or Exalted Rashi, then Saraswati Yoga is formed.
A person who has Saraswati Yoga in his birth chart is very intelligent, well versed in drama, prose-verse,
rhetoric and mathematics, composition, writer, and even a complete scholar. His fame spreads everywhere. The very rich, endowed with the happiness of women, sons, etc., are honored by kings and are very fortunate.
Shrinath Yoga by astrologer in green park
If Mercury, Venus and the lord of the house of fortune (ninth house) are situated in the exalted sign,
self or friend, and are in the Kendra or triangle from the ascendant, then Shrinath Yoga is formed.
The people born in this yoga are rich, sweet talkers. Good writers impress others with their words. The symbols of Lord Narayana are marked with conch shell, chakra etc.
They are very beautiful
Such persons always keep on doing sankirtana with others who give pleasure, sources or names.
These people respect those who are Vishnu devotees with a very happy heart.
Those who are born in Shrinath Yoga are themselves very beautiful.
Such persons get complete happiness of good sons and woman.