Research on Healing

A lot of research on healing has been done in Germany and Russia. Since the invention of the Kirlian camera, a lot of work has been done in this field. Let's share some special things with you. But the meaning of healing has to be understood. Healing is a system like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy, Unani, and many more. Everybody has their own method of accomplishing things.

Healing works on the vital body rather than the gross body

All other methods work on the gross body. But healing works on the vital body rather than the gross body. Behind this gross body is the prana body which is animating the gross body. Healing using Prana Vidya not only corrects the gross body, but healing works well in mental diseases as well.

Healing for Mental Illness

Apart from this, I have also used it on mental diseases, in amazing results have come. Healing is used to improve relationships. It is used to calm anger. It is used to escape unwanted fear. I have done this with many of you. I would like that those people also give their comments below this video.

The point is how healing works. Healing Prana works on the body. The scientific proof of the living body is the pictures taken with the Kirlian camera. Prana energy is working behind every part of our body. In a way, every part of us is made up of life energy. The word Prana means life. If there is life then there is life and if the life goes out then there is death. Whose death is it? bodies. Indian sages have done a lot of work on life science. In Pranayama, we expand the life of our body.

Obstacles in meditation and their solutions

Various types of obstacles come in the way of a seeker walking on the path of yoga practice, due to which the seeker often gets deviated from his path. Sometimes these obstacles are so intense that the seeker is not even aware of them. If the yoga practice continues continuously, then only good results are obtained in the practice. Once a seeker, if the path gets corrupted, it becomes difficult to come back quickly.

There are 9 types of attention that come in front of every seeker on the path of spiritual practice. It is necessary for every seeker to know about these obstacles.

Maharishi Patanjali has told about this in sutra number 30 in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

These 9 obstacles are like this

Physical disease

Indolence - not wanting to do anything

Doubt – Doubts on self and yoga

Carelessness in yoga practice

Laziness due to heaviness in the body

Sudden loss of detachment

To come to false knowledge - that is, to consider a rope as a snake and a snake as a rope

Restlessness of mind

Non-realization of Samadhi – that is, to stop touching Samadhi

These are all the obstacles that come in one form or the other in front of every seeker in the path of sadhana. If the seeker is conscious then it is not right, then these obstacles are successful in removing the seeker from his path.

This is actually due to the restlessness of the mind. These obstacles are also called the antarae of yoga.

What is its solution?

The first way is to have a good guru who always gives you a proper direction.

Another way is to pronounce it. Om, Pranav, I onkar is the same. If you are not from the Hindu religion or do not want to pronounce Om due for any reason, then you can also do Bhramari Pranayama instead.

The third way is the chanting of OM in the mind itself.

The fourth way is to study the scriptures. You can study any Shastra according to your religion.

The most important thing is a continuous effort. No matter what comes to mind, it is still necessary to make continuous efforts.