What Is A Birth Chart?

What is a birth chart

What is a birth chart?

Janam Kundli is a document that is often used to perform calculations related to astrology. While preparing a birth chart, the date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, and name are asked. A birth chart is formed by combining these four components. Janam Kundli can also be called astrology profile in a way because what kind of planetary condition of any person can be found only from the birth chart. Janam Kundli is used to find out about a person's planetary positions, moods, and yogas. By doing this, an attempt is made to know the potential and future of the person. It is also known from the birth chart whether the person is Manglik or not.

What is Kundali Matching?

As you know Janam Kundli means the Dasha of the planets and their position. Each person has a different horoscope according to the place of birth, time of birth, date of birth, and name of birth. As the birth chart is the astrological profile of a person, then getting the horoscope means studying the profiles of two persons. By doing this, it is found out that how many of the 36 qualities of both persons are matching. It is believed that if you get 22 or more gunas, then the relationship will be good after marriage. At the time of Kundali Milan, the position of the planets, the location of the stars is seen and it is ascertained how the pair in different areas will work. He is territory, coordination, progeny, and creativity. If in spite of getting all the qualities, there is no coordination between the two persons, then the marriage is not considered suitable.

Importance of horoscope matching.

Before the marriage of any couple, the horoscope of both of them is prepared and matched. It is considered mandatory to do this, but do you know why it is necessary to match the horoscope and what are the benefits. Importance of Kundli Matching:

The horoscopes of two couples are assigned properties based on their planetary positions and moods, which are then combined to see if all the qualities of both individuals are matched. A individual is thought to possess 36 traits. If more than 22 of those 36 have met anyone, then it is believed that both of them are made for each other. But even if 36 qualities are found, coordination matters a lot.

If you are getting 36 gunas out of 36 and there is no coordination with the native, then your marriage will be considered suitable.

Matching the horoscope also shows whether the couple is Manglik or not. If they are Manglik, then many times only by getting married, the direction of Mars changes and the defect ends and many times by getting married, Mangal Dosh goes on increasing.

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