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Astrologer in Govindpuram on which yogas of horoscope make you a doctor:-

What are the planetary combinations in your horoscope that motivate you to work in the medical field,

that is, what is the combination of planets necessary to become a doctor,

so that you can become a skilled and successful doctor?

As per Astrologer in Govindpuram to become a successful doctor, the fourth and fifth house of the

horoscope tells about our education and our intelligence. Both of these reveal the education and thinking of the person and if he is interested in the medical field,

then its knowledge can also be taken from these houses.

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Career Doctor continues,

Apart from the above three houses, the sixth, eighth and twelfth house is also very important because the.

the sixth house is the house of disease, the twelfth house being the house of hospital, the house of

treatment and the eighth house being the house of age [ Astrologer in Govindpuram ].

At the same time, it is a very important sentiment for those working in the hospital and

those working in the field of diagnosis. The first house means the Ascendant is the body and we are ourselves. Along with being the second house of money, it is also our speech house. The eleventh house indicates income and success in work.

Apart from these houses, the tenth house is also a special house of work and business,

so the inclusion of all these houses is very necessary to become a skilled doctor. In today’s time, the profession of doctor is considered to be a very important profession because

where the doctor helps the patient to fight with serious diseases and gives him a new life,

in such a situation if you have a desire in your mind that If you or your child becomes a doctor,

then you can know from the combination of the planets present in your

horoscope whether the yoga of becoming a successful doctor is present in your horoscope.

To become a doctor, the main planets contribute to any profession, some planets make their contribution. In order to become such a doctor, some planets have been considered to have a special role.

Let us know which are those planets as per Astrologer in Govindpuram: –

Sun planet is the king of all the planets and due to it being the factor of health, it is

considered as the main planet for health. It creates self-confidence in you.

If the Sun is in a strong position and the Moon is in the Kendra house of the horoscope with

Jupiter or Mars, then it becomes successful in the field of medicine. Moon Moon is the causative planet of all medicines, so knowledge of medicines is essential for any doctor. This is the reason why the Moon has an important place.

If the Moon is affected by malefic planets in the horoscope and is in the sixth, eighth or

twelfth house of the horoscope or if it is the lord of these houses in the tenth house,

then it gives progress in the field of medicine.

Jupiter is the main causative planet of knowledge and it is necessary for a doctor to be

inquisitive to acquire more and more knowledge to keep himself updated,

hence Jupiter has an important contribution. Guru is called the living factor. If the Guru is strong then one can pursue studies like MBBS.

Career Doctor continues….

If Jupiter is afflicted, if there are other yogas to become a doctor in the horoscope,

then he can try his hand in Ayurvedic or homeopathic medicine. Mars is the factor of courage and might and is also the factor of weapons and scriptures.

The doctor has to work with many tools and also has to do the work of tearing and tearing,

for which Mars is very important. The relationship of Mars with the sixth or tenth house is especially helpful in making a surgeon.

Shani gives seriousness to the person and makes service future and it is a planet expert in giving technical

education and skills, so the planet Shani also has a big contribution.

If the effect of the planet Saturn is on the tenth house or the lord of the

tenth house and the planet Saturn is the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house and is with

malefic planets, then it gives strength in the field of medicine.

Rahu is a miraculous planet and for the education that is required for medical education,

Rahu is also absolutely necessary.

*If Rahu is in the sixth house and makes a relation with the lord of the tenth house or tenth house and is

related to the malefic planets, then it plays an important role in making a doctor.

*In Vedic astrology as per Astrologer in Govindpuram, the combination of planets is given

utmost importance because the presence of more than one planet in a house is capable of giving different results. There are different departments related to the body and different doctors.

*If you want to become a surgeon i.e. surgeon, then Mars has an important role for that as per

Astrologer in Govindpuram. Similarly, to know which type of planetary conjunction gives

mastery in which type of medicine, some special planetary combinations are described as follows:

*If you are associated with the medical field related to psychiatry, then there should be a

combination of Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in your horoscope. If you want to become a Pediatrician,

then it is necessary to have a beautiful combination of Moon and Mercury in your horoscope.

Become a cardiologist

*To become a cardiologist, Sun and Mars are required in the horoscope. The strong position of Saturn and Mars is necessary for orthopedics ie orthopedics. The combination of Mars and Mercury is necessary for ear nose throat specialist i.e.

*If there is a combination of Mars and Ketu in the horoscope or Mars, Saturn or Mercury, Saturn or Sun,

Mars or Moon, Saturn, then the person can become successful in surgery or surgery along with being a skilled doctor. The special and strong aspect of Saturn and Sun makes a person a leader in dentistry.

*If there is a conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Venus, then a person can become a dentist. Sun and Venus conjunction Heart disease plays an important role in making a gynecologist or neurosurgeon. The conjunction of Sun, Mars and Mercury is considered a good combination for the medical profession.

*If there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the horoscope, then the person can get success in nephrology. When Saturn and Rahu are in conjunction, a person can take up the profession of giving anesthesia. The combination of Rahu and Sun is necessary to attain mastery in medicine.

*If Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction in the horoscope, then it is considered good for gastroenterology. The combination of Jupiter and Mercury is good for making a successful career in Neurology.

Career Doctor continues….

*If there is a special conjunction of Rahu, Mars and Jupiter in the horoscope, then the person is a

doctor in the department of oncology.

*If Venus, Saturn and Ketu have a combination or a strong relationship in the horoscope and if such a

relationship is in Scorpio, then especially a person can become a secret disease specialist. The conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury helps in becoming a doctor of gland diseases.

*If there is a strong combination of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope of a person,

then such a person works related to life saving medicines and vaccines.

*If Rahu is strong in a person’s horoscope then such a person is proficient in technical work like

X-ray and ultrasound. In addition to the above planetary positions in some other special yoga horoscope,

if there is some special yoga, a person is successful in making his own identity in the medical field.

*If the sixth and eighth houses of the horoscope are related to the fifth and tenth houses or their

owners, then a person can become a skilled doctor.

Career Doctor continues,

*If Sun, Mars and Jupiter are in the tenth house then a person can become a doctor. If the relation of Venus and Jupiter is formed in the sixth or twelfth house of the horoscope,

then the person can become a doctor.

*If Sun, Saturn and Rahu are related to the fifth, ninth and tenth house of the horoscope, then

there are chances of going to the medical field.

*If there is a conjunction of Sun and Mercury and Jupiter is in the Kendra house and the Moon is situated in the

eighth house, then it gives remarkable progress in the medical field. Thus, having a remarkable position of certain planets in the horoscope of the native,

a person can take up medicine as a profession and become a successful doctor in his life.

*If you want to become a doctor and you also have some of the above-mentioned yogas in your

horoscope and Mahadasha or Antardasha is going on related to those planets,

then you should take measures to make those planets strong so that you can go into the medical field.