Astrology Consultant | First House Of Karma’s

Astrology consultant  First house of karma’s

Astrology consultant on First House:- From the first house, we can know the status of that person‘s name and in the same way we can get knowledge about the boundary wall of that person’s house and the house land, about the person’s hunger and his nature from the first house itself. 


I am concerned, how much benevolence a man will do to others,

from the first sense we can know only twenty-five percent about it. Seventy-five percent of it is related to the ninth house. From the first house we get to know that how much a person follows the old rituals,

this feeling is the first part of our age, which is more related to the time of our childhood. Childhood should not be said but has a special relationship with the first part of the age

i.e. the part of the age from one to twenty-five years of age.

The first house is related to the karmas of our past lives in this life, that is,

the karma of which we have to ask for the result of this life, it is also related to our luck or fate,

as much as our authority or as much authority falls on us. It is also related to the same sentiment.

Similarly, the first house is the significator of the east direction, the importance of the things of each

house in the prediction will be very helpful, that is, the person whose Sun is very good,

it will be very good to have a house in the east direction,

similarly the person who has Mars is very good,

it will be auspicious for him to have a house in the south direction.

The first house is also related to our riding motorcycle, car, etc., from this,

we can know about the status of the person’s money,

this house is related to the money which has been earned by one’s personal efforts,

or the money which is one’s courage

It is earned from the present, that is, what is passing, can also be known from the first house,

Lal Kitab system,

the first house is not only of our deeds of this birth but of the time of our youth. There is also a special relation with this sense.

The first house is also related to our business, that is, the knowledge about our work area is done from this house,

by which means we will earn wealth, this house is related to our meeting, drawing room,

where we sit and talk to other people.

It is also related to that, but its special relation is also with the chair or cushion, that is, which kind of chair we will reach, the first sense tells about that place. 

Astrology consultant

gives an example, if the Guru is sitting in the first house, then he is called a sannyasi sitting on the throne, the sannyasi sitting on the throne does not mean a beggar, but a monk who maintains his status like a king. In this way, about business life also,

the first house shows how high we will sit in relation to our job or work.

The first house is also related to the parts of our body, the first house has a special relation with

the herbs which are used for medicines, in other words, from the planet sitting in the first house,

we can also know that Ayurvedic medicine for that person. Medicines may be more effective, or other types of other medicines or treatment methods may be useful.

Astrology consultant says that the first house is also related to our house, here both types of houses come,

the house which is our own new built, or the house which has been bought old.

The first house is related to our forehead or our face on the parts of the body,

from the first house we can also know the ego of a man, that is,

to what extent is the amount of humility and pride in him, in the same way,

this house is It is also related to some extent with our being spiritual or not.

The first house, as I have said, represents our present time, and we are born in this birth with a wide or

limited area of luck according to the deeds of the past lives, that is,

according to the deeds of our past lives. What we will enjoy about our financial condition or our body and

what we will earn financially is also related to this house.

The karaka planet

Of the first house is Sun, the Sun gives auspicious results of exalted here,

Saturn is counted as low in the first house, that is, its fruit is not auspicious,

according to the horoscope of Kalpurush, the owner of the first house is Mars, and

here Mars is It is auspicious to be here, Rahu is of horoscope, and Mars will be of the good planet,

there can be no remedy for Mars in this house.

Regarding the first house itself, I want to emphasize that as the Sun is the karaka of the first house,

then the Sun must be sitting anywhere, the results of the first house will be known only by

looking at the position of the Sun, similarly in the twelve houses.

When I will mention the karaka planet of this house, then the result of his

pucca house will be more clear only after seeing his condition wherever he is sitting.

That is as per Astrology consultant, we have to do the struggle for the Maya and soul of this life with this life,

in other words, this house is due to the efforts we make in this life by which the mind can get

salvation from this Maya or not, that is, what will it do to our soul? It can lead to development or keeps our spiritual development there, this house has a special relationship with it.