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Online astrology yogas certified yoga of astrology

Online astrology yogas{certified yoga of astrology}-The method of reading during the study of astrology may be traditional, but on the lines of Nadi, some yogas are also made which are mostly suitable in the present era. If analysis and predictions are done on the basis of these, then the chances of their accuracy increase.

Everyone in our group has their own notes that contain these kinds of realized and Siddha yogas as per Online astrology yogas. I am trying to sum up here some of the different yogas scattered in the pages of my diary.

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Certified yoga of astrology

– In the game of football and cricket, if a person is asked a question before the match, the team whose name comes first, make it the Ascendant and give the lordship of the seventh house to the other team. This will form the horoscopes of both the teams.

The toss will be decided by the fifth house of the first team and the number of goals scored or the number of runs scored in the first turn can be estimated from the eleventh house. This experiment was very successful in the Football World Cup. Later I have seen it by applying it on cricket as well. Very close predictions come.

The planet which is situated in the constellation of Dashanath gives the result of any dasha along with Dashanath according to its house and zodiac.

Parashar, Antardasha

According to Parashar, Antardasha presents more subtle analysis than Dasha. On the lines of this, it can be said that it will be more accurate to see in which constellation the planet is located than the planet sitting in any zodiac.

– Saturn in the Dasha of Ketu and Ketu in the Dasha of Shani will always give bad results. Even if it is in any zodiac sign or sense. The same prediction should be done for Moon and Rahu also.

Investing money

The basic difference between share and betting is that after investing money in the share, there is something left in the hands of the person. Even if it is not completely liquid, then some part of it has the ability to be liquid, while on the other hand speculation takes place and full money is involved.

That is, a straight defeat is a win-win deal. The extent of loss in shares varies from partial to maximum, whereas there is 100% gain or loss in betting. Hence the factors and planetary positions will be different for both.

If the 8th house is about to operate and there are chances of unexpected gains in the horoscope, then the purchase of shares can be done with full preparation. Eighth house can bring more benefits than expected when its time comes.

Online astrology yogas

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– As per Online astrology yogas the Physical combinations play an equal role in horoscope reading and oceanic readings. These can be understood as omen.

– Moon in a silent question is related to the house in which the question is. And if the astrologer wants to answer the question before telling the native of his own free will, then the question will also be related to where the ascendant will be at the time of the native’s arrival.

Otherwise, it will be better to give a prediction from the ascendant or moon which is more powerful.

Rahu is such a planet which brings the person near dirty water as soon as it becomes bad in the horoscope. When the influence of Rahu is high, the person also shifts his room to the southwest corner.

The best effect of Rahu is such that the person lives in a joint family during the Dasha of eighteen years. A garden plants a garden and develops itself continuously, but the period of brainwashing still continues.

If there is a conjunction of Sun and Ketu anywhere in the horoscope, then the person is habitually lying. This is my realized yoga. Made the mistake of missing this sum twice. had to face the consequences of this.I am not saying that these people are liars for their own gain.

They just tell lies without any reason. Many a time, when they are telling an obvious lie, they stubbornly stick to their lie even after being caught. I have never even seen a wrinkle on the faces of these people.