Shadbala In Astrology

Shadbala in astrology

Shadbala in astrology continues……..

1) Location force i.e. force according to position

2) Digbala means force received from directions

3) Time force means the force obtained from a particular time

4) effort force i.e. force obtained from motion

5) Nursing force

6) Drik force means the force received by other planets by chance [ Shadbala in astrology ]

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References of all these forces are found in certified texts like Vriha Parashara Hora Shastra, Jataka Parijat Sharavali, and Phaldeepika. The auspicious and inauspicious results obtained in the Dasha Antar Dasha depend on the relative strength of that planet. Generally, the result of Dasha is obtained during that entire Dasha period, but the result of Antar Dasha is obtained mainly during the period of Antar Dasha.

If Dasha is Bali and Antar Dasha is weak, then Dasha fruit is more effective. And if Antar Dasha is Bali and Dasha is weak then only Antar Dasha will be more effective. That is, only the result of the sacrifice that is done in Dasha and Antar Dasha can be seen.

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Sthaan bal:-

Each planet is in a particular zodiac and house and due to its position being drifted by other planets, it receives this specified force which is called place force.

The base of calculation for Shadlab is Rupa and Shastyansh.

One Rupa = 60 Shastyamsa.
The following are the five types of Bal :-

1-uchch bal 2-saptvargeey bal 3-yugma yug bal 4-kendr bal 5-dreshkaan bal
If any planet is situated in a particular zodiac, then it can be in any of the above-mentioned ways.

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