Online Kundali Making

Online Kundali Making

Online kundali making

Know about horoscope

In making each horoscope, 12 boxes are made, which are called in the language of astrology by the name of Bhava. There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology, these zodiac signs are used in making birth charts. There are different houses for each zodiac and each house has a zodiac sign. The planetary constellations are calculated on the basis of your date, time, place of birth in the horoscope. Like in which constellation the person was born, in which ascendant and in which zodiac sign? In which house are the Navagrahas in the horoscope? Which planets are making which yoga? Which doshas are present in the horoscope etc. is considered by the horoscope.

With the help of horoscope, information about the past, present and future of a person is obtained. Through Kundli, one can get complete details about the position of Sun, Moon and other planets in the zodiac signs and constellations.

Benefits of online horoscope

In today's era, online horoscope is very beneficial. In this, the position of the planets, all kinds of changes in life, solutions and remedies for the problems present in the horoscope are also told. Along with this, horoscope is also very important for doing better in life and improving the position of planets etc.

The position of the planets can take a person from arsh to floor and floor to arsh. It is possible to find out from the horoscope what are the prospects for you in the future? In which area do you expect to get benefit and in which area do you need to tread carefully?

FAQ's about horoscope

What is a horoscope?

Kundli is a horoscope telling the position and direction of the planets at the time of your birth, on the basis of which the future is imagined. Janam Kundli is important in predicting how your future is going to be. Also through this we can get information about our present and past.

What distinguishes a Lagna Kundli from a Janam Kundli?

Both are one and the same. It is called by many names i.e. in different ways like Janam Kundli or Lagna Kundli or Janam Lagna etc.

Is online horoscope helpful?

Due to the increasing use of the Internet, nowadays it has become quite easy to make and analyze horoscopes online. Today an online horoscope proves to be as reliable as a horoscope made by an astrologer. With our trusted app, you can not only create your own horoscope but also do kundli matching in an easy way.

When should a horoscope be made?

Horoscope helps a person to take major decisions of his life. The decisions taken by the horoscope take you towards heights. In this way you do not fail in any task. On the other hand, if there is any kind of defect or deficiency in your horoscope, then this solution can also be found through the person's horoscope. You can make your life happy by fasting, remedies, worship, etc., as given on the basis of the horoscope, so the horoscope should be made as soon as possible.

What details do we need to get information about Kundli?

To know the horoscope, you must have the exact date of birth, time of birth and place of birth details. It helps to find the position of planets by date of birth. The time of birth and the place of birth gives the position of the house and other houses. Planetary position and house position these two things help in predicting your horoscope and life.