Can Astrology Tell Your Future

Can Astrology Tell Your Future

A very common question among the people The future is not exactly uncertain. Our knowledge is uncertain. We are ignorant. As We do not see anything in the future we think It is not visible so we say that it is not certain but it is

visible in the future and astrology is the process of looking into the future.

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Astrology has the deepest grip on opening up your past because If you know the past completely then your

whole future is known because your future will be born from your past. Your future cannot be known without

knowing your past because your past is going to lay down the seeds of your future. So first you have to open the

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Opponents of astrology argue

According to researchers, only nine to ten percent of the predictions made by astrologers around the world are true. It is like pinning an arrow. Today astrologers have also failed to tell about the special events that will happen in the future. A knowledgeable expert analyzing the events of the world can tell even better what will happen next.

Together with all the planets in our solar system, sixty-four moons have been discovered, and numerous

meteors are traveling on the solar system. The search is still on probably the number of moons and meteors will increase. If we talk about the effects then not only the Sun and the Moon on the Earth also belong to

Pluto or Yama and Neptoon or Varuna then why are they not given importance in the horoscope

Rahu and Ketu are not any planets. The Sun is stable than how does it move in the horoscope Secondly zodiac signs are not just twelve. There are at least twenty-two Russians on the Solar Path, thirteen of them predominant.

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According to the signs, the character of the people is declared which is unscientific. For example, the character of

the Leo zodiac is treated like a lion declaring him as courageous angry, and the person of

the Virgo zodiac is considered to be polite demure, and simple. This is absurd because the zodiac signs were determined based on the size visible in the sky.

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Reasoning in favor of astrology

Perception spread about astrology because presently astrologers are less knowledgeable and more are benefited from this learning. This knowledge is also associated with ritualism and worship of gods and goddesses. Apart from

this many other disciplines have also come into vogue in the name of astrology which is destroying the

reputation of astrology. Apart from this due to the increasing medium of communication various instruments amulets etc are being

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sold in the name of this learning due to the large number of yagna and rituals this learning has come

under suspicion. Now if the knowledge of this knowledge is less and many who are getting benefits

from this education will get a lot then by doing arbitrary measures they do more to wander and intimidate people.

Astrology is not tested in the physical laboratory but in this science also the cause and effect are clearly visible. In

the use of this science, gravity is considered to be the cause and the body is the object on which the

effect of space elements is analyzed on the basis of mythological rules and principles.

On this basis astrologers who follow the laws of physics can be called science.

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In the last two centuries, a series of tests of any object-subject or theory was put to the test of materialistic

modern science which in the form of many baseless superstitions some very important subjects and

beliefs were also put in the dock of doubt. In this sequence, astrology has been tried to prove possibly the most disparaged and neglected subject. The true cancer was completed as a mockery of astrology in Bollywood films and literature. After reading some books on astrology some people start telling the future of people even this reputation has fallen. This is the reason that in the fashion of showing themselves the nutritious of cutting-edge and

scientific ideas most people began to consider this esoteric science as synonymous with stupidity and superstition.