Inauspicious Planet In Astrology

Inauspicious planet in astrology

Inauspicious Planets in Astrology: Understanding Their Significance

Astrology has long been a subject of fascination for people seeking guidance and insights into their lives. One of the key aspects of Astrology is the influence of planets on various aspects of our lives. While some planets are considered auspicious and bring positive outcomes, there are also inauspicious planets that can have a challenging impact on our lives. In this article, we will explore the concept of inauspicious planets in astrology and how they are explained by Vedic astrologer Kapoor.

What Are the Bad Planets in Astrology?

In Astrology, there are certain planets that are believed to bring unfavorable results and challenges in different areas of life. These planets are commonly referred to as bad or inauspicious planets. According to Vedic Astrology, the main inauspicious planets are Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal), and Rahu-Ketu (the North and South Lunar Nodes).

Saturn (Shani): The Planet of Limitations and Lessons

Saturn is often associated with limitations, obstacles, delays, and hardships. It is believed to test individuals, teaching them valuable life lessons and promoting personal growth. Its influence can lead to delays in career progression, financial challenges, and relationship issues. However, overcoming these challenges can ultimately lead to personal and spiritual growth.

Mars (Mangal): The Planet of Aggression and Impulsiveness

Mars is associated with energy, passion, and action. However, when it becomes inauspicious, it can bring about aggression, impulsiveness, and conflicts. Its influence can lead to accidents, injuries, disputes, and financial losses. Managing the energy of Mars is crucial to channel it constructively and avoid negative outcomes.

Rahu-Ketu: The Lunar Nodes and Their Karmic Influence

Rahu and Ketu, also known as the North and South Lunar Nodes, are not actual planets but mathematical points in the celestial sphere. They are associated with karmic influences and are often responsible for sudden and unexpected events in one's life. Their influence can bring about confusion, instability, and challenges in various areas, including career, relationships, and health.

Which Planet is for Negativity?

Among the inauspicious planets, Saturn (Shani) is often considered the planet associated with negativity. Its influence can create a sense of limitation, restriction, and pessimism. However, it is essential to understand that the negativity associated with Saturn is not entirely detrimental. It serves as a catalyst for growth, pushing individuals to overcome obstacles and learn valuable life lessons.

Which Houses are Auspicious and Inauspicious in Astrology?

In astrology, the twelve houses represent different areas of life, and their association with planets determines the outcomes in those areas. The interpretation of auspicious and inauspicious houses can vary based on individual horoscopes and planetary placements. However, there are some general guidelines followed in Vedic astrology.

Auspicious Houses

The first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses are generally considered auspicious. These houses are associated with favorable outcomes in various aspects of life, such as personality, wealth, family, creativity, partnerships, fortune, career, and gains.

Inauspicious Houses

The sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses are generally considered inauspicious. These houses are associated with challenges, obstacles, losses, and unfavorable outcomes. They represent areas such as health, longevity, transformations, losses, and spiritual growth.

Which Planet is Luckiest?

In astrology, Jupiter (Guru) is widely regarded as the planet of luck and expansion. It is associated with wisdom, knowledge, fortune, growth, and abundance. Jupiter's influence can bring about opportunities, prosperity, and positive transformations in various areas of life, including education, career, relationships, and spirituality.

What Are the Auspicious Planets in Astrology?

In addition to Jupiter, several other planets are considered auspicious in astrology. These planets play a significant role in shaping one's life and bringing positive outcomes. Some of the auspicious planets include:

Venus (Shukra): Venus is associated with love, beauty, creativity, and relationships. Its influence can bring harmony, luxury, and sensual pleasures in life.

Mercury (Budha): Mercury represents communication, intellect, and business. Its influence can enhance communication skills, intellect, and bring success in commerce-related ventures.

Moon (Chandra): The Moon represents emotions, intuition, and the mind. Its influence can bring emotional stability, creativity, and nurturing qualities.

Sun (Surya): The Sun represents vitality, leadership, and individuality. Its influence can bring success, recognition, and power.

Which Planet is Good for Property?

When it comes to property-related matters, the influence of different planets can play a significant role. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that Venus (Shukra) is associated with properties, real estate, and material possessions. Its influence can bring favorable outcomes in matters related to property acquisition, investments, and prosperity through real estate.

Which Planet is Best for Wealth?

Wealth is an important aspect of life, and Astrology provides insights into the planetary influences that can bring financial abundance. In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter (Guru) and Venus (Shukra) are considered the primary planets associated with wealth and prosperity. Jupiter's influence brings opportunities for growth and expansion, while Venus's influence brings material comforts and financial gains.

Inauspicious Meaning and Inauspicious Planets

The term "inauspicious" refers to something that is not conducive to favorable outcomes or brings challenges. In the context of astrology, inauspicious planets are those that are believed to have a negative impact on different areas of life. These planets can create obstacles, delays, and unfavorable circumstances, but they also offer opportunities for growth and transformation.

Malefic Planet Meaning and Astrology's Auspicious Meaning

In astrology, the term "malefic planet" refers to planets that are considered unfavorable or bring negative influences. These planets are often associated with challenges, difficulties, and adverse outcomes. On the other hand, the term "auspicious" in astrology refers to planets that are believed to bring positive influences and favorable outcomes in various areas of life.

Auspicious Numerology and Its Significance

Numerology is a field closely related to astrology, focusing on the symbolic meanings and vibrations associated with numbers. In auspicious numerology, certain numbers are considered favorable and are believed to bring positive energy and outcomes. The study of auspicious numerology can provide additional insights and guidance in various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and personal growth.


Understanding the concept of inauspicious planets in astrology is essential for gaining insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. While these planets can bring difficulties, they also offer valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. By consulting with an experienced Vedic astrologer like Kapoor, you can navigate the influences of inauspicious planets and make informed decisions to enhance the positive aspects of your life.

FAQs : 

Q1: Which planets are considered bad in astrology?

The main planets considered bad in astrology are Saturn, Mars, and Rahu-Ketu (the North and South Lunar Nodes).

Q2: Which planet is associated with negativity?

Saturn is often associated with negativity in astrology. Its influence can bring a sense of limitation and restriction.

Q3: What are the auspicious and inauspicious houses in astrology?

The auspicious houses in astrology are the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses. The inauspicious houses are the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses.

Q4: Which planet is considered luckiest?

Jupiter is widely regarded as the luckiest planet in astrology. Its influence can bring opportunities and abundance.

Q5: Which planet is good for property-related matters?

Venus is considered the planet associated with properties and real estate in astrology.

Q6: Which planets are best for wealth and prosperity?

Jupiter and Venus are considered the primary planets associated with wealth and prosperity in astrology.

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