Online Astrologer Precautions Using Diamonds

online astrologer precautions using diamonds

Online astrologer precautions using diamonds
Diamond is the most expensive and luxurious gemstone among the Navaratnas. It is a symbol of opulence. Wearing it is a status symbol, so nowadays many people have started wearing it as a diamond jewelry. But beware! Diamond is not for everyone.
A diamond worn without thinking and without proper astrological advice can also become the reason for the downfall of the person. Diamond is related to Venus and Venus is the representative planet of love, beauty, attraction, married life and sexual pleasure. Wearing a diamond is extremely auspicious for those who have a strong Venus in their horoscope.
Such people get all the luxuries, pleasures and means of enjoyment and luxury of life, but those people who have bad Venus in their horoscope, have malefic planets, if they wear diamond, then they will have to face the exact opposite result. Diamond can be a big reason behind the devastation of diamond trader Nirav Modi recently.
How does a diamond prove to be destructive?
Venus represents opulence, luxury, enjoyment, vehicle, royal pleasure, female and sense pleasure etc. That is, all the material pleasures of the world are obtained from Venus. Any person who has strong Venus in his birth chart, he gets all such happiness. But in the dasha of opposite and negative Venus, the exact opposite situation happens.
In the birth chart, if Venus is debilitated, set, enemy planet or in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house of the horoscope, then it is the worst. To strengthen such Venus, people wear diamonds without thinking, while the fact is that strengthening such Venus will increase its bad effects. This diamond can prove to be disastrous.
If Venus is sitting in the seventh house, eighth or second lord, then wearing a diamond increases its firepower manifold. Such a diamond corrupts the intellect of a person. He gets caught in the wrong company, starts earning money dishonestly and one day this money becomes the reason for his downfall.
Take these precautions while using diamonds
Don’t wear diamond just for status symbol and fashion without astrological advice. Diamond should not be worn before the age of 21 and after the age of 50. If Venus is bad then wearing diamond can increase problems in married life.
Whiter the diamond,the better is its quality. A stained or broken diamond can lead to failure or an accident. Do not wear coral or onyx with diamonds. It brings down the character.
Diamond is good and bad for whom explains online astrologer :–
Wearing diamond is not auspicious if Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces are ascendant. Diamond is very auspicious for the people of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant.
Diamond can be worn in special conditions of Cancer ascendant. Those who want to progress in spirituality should not wear diamonds. Diamond can be beneficial for success in the field of glamour, film or media.


Online astrologer on weight
What is the weight of a worn diamond, normally a diamond between one carat to two carats is suitable for astrological remedies. If a person wears a diamond weighing less than one carat, it will not have any effect.
Therefore, care must be taken that to wear any diamond, its weight should be in the prescribed limit. Also, there should not be any kind of marks or scratches on the diamond.
The less polished diamond is worn for astrological remedies, the greater will be its effect. (Before wearing a diamond, make sure to study your horoscope from an astrologer and wear a diamond according to his advice.)