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Kerala question ideas  Kerala Prashna Sangrahalaya

Know from the famous astrologer in gurgaon about the idea of questions by numbers or numbers is most prevalent in the state of Kerala, that is why this scripture is known as Kerala astrology. There are many astrological texts available related to this method, such as Kerala Prashna Sangrahalaya Kerala Prashna Ratna Prashnachudamani, etc.

How to go to the question?

If the person who asks is of a sattvik tendency, then the name of any flower, if he is quick, then the name of a river, and if he is a businessman, then the name of a deity, and is a profession, then the name of any fruit should be asked from him. Scholars are of the opinion that if a person asks in the morning the name of a tree should be known by a child, and the name of a flower should be known from a young man in the afternoon and the name of the fruit should be known from an old man in the evening.

Rules for making numbers continues, And according to us, only the person asking the question should be asked, that while thinking of his question, he should keep the name of any of his favorite in mind and take the name of the flower river god, fruit, or tree, then make the number body accordingly and think about the question. As per the famous astrologer in gurgaon, only one question should be considered at a time, one should not ask questions for laughs, jokes, or exams, otherwise time-lapse can disturb at times. Only after asking a question in trouble can a complete answer be found.

Rules for making numbers

Write the name of the person who asks for the fruit, flower, river, tree or deity, on the paper, then make a body of that name according to the number of vowels and consonants, the result of the question is considered on the basis of the number body.

Understand the following types of numbers used for vowels and consonants from the famous astrologer in gurgaon. 

Vowel number chakram Vowel A A A E E U O O A A O O An Number 12 21 11 18 15 22 18 32 25 19 25 consonant number chakram Consonant k b g g d. f c h h j h i n t Number 13 11 21 30 10 15 21 23 26 26 10 Dishes n t th d dh n pf Number 13 22 35 45 14 18 17 13 35 27 18 The consonants are in the middle of the day. Number 26 27 86 16 13 13 35 26 35 35 12 If Ri is used in the above letters, then (R + E) should be considered as Ri. Lr is used only in Vedic Mantras, this letter has no importance in curiosity.

Rules for making numbers continued, In the numerals of vowels and consonants, the value of the number has been given below them, the vowels and consonants of the name of the fruit, flower, river, fruit tree, or the name of the deity should be separated by the asker, after that the number should be separated by the above table. Should be written, and knowing the sum of both, the same number should be considered as the body.

For example, if someone took the name of “rose”, it is the name of the flower, to make its number body, this type of action has to be done:-c+u+l+a+b = 21+15+13+21+26+12=108 number body is considered to be of rose. In this way, you can easily make a number body of any name. Question Types Scholars have divided them in many ways within the Kerala question idea, here it has been written for the purpose of solving different questions, in which only nine types of questions are main:

1. Question of profit and loss – The body of the name of any deity or fruit, flower, or tree should be known as part of 3 in the sum of +42, profit in 1, middle in 2, and loss in 3.

2. The question of victory and defeat – By the above method, the part of 3 in the sum of body + 34, if 1 is left then victory, 2 is left then compromise, and if 3 is left then defeat should be known.

3. Questions related to happiness and sorrow – By making a body by the above method, adding 38 and dividing it by 2, if 1 is left then happiness and 0 if left should know sorrow.

4. Questions of coming and going – 33 should be added by making a body, 3 should be divided, 1 left if it had to come, 2 left would come or not go, 0 left would have to come or go but it would not work.

5. The question of the womb and without pregnancy – Knowing the name of any factor in the above (fruits, flowers or river, trees, etc.) should make its body, then add 26 and divide it by 3, if 1 remain then it is a womb. If 2 is left then there is doubt in getting pregnant, and if 3 remains then there is no pregnancy.

6. Questions to know son or daughter – Knowing the name of any of the above factors (fruits, flowers or rivers, trees, etc.) should be made in the body, then in the same body, 3 should be divided, 1 left if the son and 2 left So if the daughter remains 0, then abortion should be considered.

7. Questions to know bullish slowdown – whatever number is a body, divide it by three, if one is left, then it is cheap, and two remains if it is normal, and if three remains, then the price will rise, this thing can also be known for the stock market. It has to be seen in the above manner by making a body of the name of the share.

8. Marriage questions – In this, the bride and groom should be made into a body by knowing any name from the above factors from any side, it should be divided into eight if one remains then it will be married easily if two remains then after trying. Marriage will take place in three, marriage will not happen in three, on the question of the girl on the side of the groom and in four on the question of the girl, there will be an accident with the groom or the girl, or if she comes to know about any cryptic thing about the bride or groom. Marriage will not take place, if five survives, there will be no marriage due to an accident in his family, if six survives, there will be no marriage due to state hurdles, if seven survive, the father will suffer, if eight survive, there will be married but no children. Yes, it should be known.

9. Questions of birth and death – any of the above factors should be known from the person asking the name, which is being known, it is necessary to be related to his blood, by making a body of that factor, the number of forty should be added to it, and three If one survives, then life is left, if two is left then there is life, but the suffering is more, zero remains, then God’s trust should be said, it should not be said that there is death in a straight form.

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