Best Online Astrologer In Delhi Malaika Yoga

Best online astrologer in delhi Malaika Yoga

How auspicious is planet Malaika Yoga askes Best online astrologer in Delhi?
The yogas present at the time of birth have a close relation with human life, on the basis of these yogas, human life is lived. If there is an auspicious planetary yoga at the time of birth, life is spent peacefully, then it is natural to be disappointed with life when there is an inauspicious yoga, in various ancient texts of astrology,
many intense auspicious yogas are described, in these soothing yogas, the planetary yogas are described. It is an important place, in the Grahamalika Yoga, generally, only seven planets are eclipsed in a major way, but in some places, Rahu Ketu is also included and also describes the Grahamalika Yoga.
If all the planets starting from the ascendant are situated till the fifth house, then Pancha Graha Malaika Yoga is formed, just as a gardener gives the form of a beautiful garland by tying each flower in a thread, that garland looks attractive and charming, similarly if in a situation like a garland,
if If all the planets are situated, not a single house is empty, then his personality is attractive and charming. Due to the planets being tied to each other by unknown power, according to the factors of those planets, the person starts getting all the auspicious results unintentionally. The effect of yoga also varies according to the spirit.
If all the planets are situated one by one in six zodiac signs, then Shatmalika yoga is formed, if they are in seven houses then it is called Saptmalika yoga. If Rahu and Ketu are also included, then when the planets are situated in each of the houses, Ashthmalika yoga is formed in the eight houses and Navmalika yoga is formed in the nine houses.
As per Best online astrologer in Delhi if Saptmalika Yoga is present in the Kundali, if the Yoga is formed from the Ascendant, then Mala Yoga is formed. The person born in this yoga is the king and the owner of many vehicles, the yoga that starts from the second house is called Dhanmala Yoga.
With this yoga, the person becomes the owner of abundant animal wealth, paternalistic and beautiful. In the third house of Vikram Mala Yoga, the person is a king, Shura, wealthy but patient in the fourth house, whose person is a donor, roams in many countries and is happy.
From the fifth house, the person from the minister’s house becomes the king or the performer of the sacrifice, the person from the Indramala from the sixth house, who is self-sufficient due to rain, is sometimes happy and sometimes sad.
The person who attains a beautiful woman from the seventh house with the garland of sex, the rich, the ally, the person with the garland of death in the eighth house, becomes long-lived, but the attainment of other pleasures is weak in life. State constraints also have to be faced.
The native from the auspicious rosary starting from the ninth house is a paternal devotee, one who attains fortune at an appropriate age, is wealthy, honorable, a follower of religion, a virtuous earner, a pilgrim, and a person from the tenth to Kirtimala, is a wealthy man with a good business, practical That is,
the person who attains proficiency in all the works from the garland of victory from the eleventh house, having excellent benefits and fraternal happiness, then from the garland made from the twelfth house, the person is on the way to decline by spending more but still is honorable.
Malaika Yoga formed from the Ascendant also forms Nauka Yoga, Kuta Yoga from the fourth, Chhatra Yoga from the seventh, and Chap Yoga from the tenth. In boat yoga, the people who earn their living from water, are famous, happy, miser, some are greedy and evil. In Kut Yog,
there is a false bureaucratic officer, cunning, cunning, and cruel nature. Students who support the people of yoga are royal, intelligent, then in arc yoga, the work of lies, the Kotwal, the deceivers are happy in the middle stage.
What is the effect of Malaika yoga asks Best online astrologer in Delhi? The best example of this can be seen from the horoscope of a famous politician, in his horoscope all the planets are located from the ascendant to the sixth house. There are two planets Venus and Mercury in the fourth house.
Even if Rahu and Ketu are included, there are planets in all the houses up to Rahu in the twelfth and Ketu, their life is good and personality has also been attractive. Panchmalika Yoga is also being formed in the horoscope of the great scholar of astrology, Pandit Mukund Daivagya, from ninth to the ascendant, these will also be remembered by the eminent scholars of astrology for ages.
Their contribution to the world of astrology is invaluable, that is, the people born in Malika Yoga are popular service-oriented, attractive, rich in personality and talent, giver of happiness and prosperity.