Astrology Cures Serious Diseases

Astrology cures serious diseases

Astrology cures serious diseases

Why are the people born in the same place at the same time not having the same social status? People born in the same place and at the same time do not necessarily have the same social status. For this, the karma accumulated in the person's previous birth is also responsible. If the deeds of a person's previous birth are good, then he definitely gets his benefit in the next life.

Is astrology science, mathematics, or fraud?

Astrology is not fraudulent, it is a science of science. Its purpose is to remove the superstition prevalent among the public and to make them familiar with future activities. Astrology is an older subject than science. Presently, astrology is recognized not only in India but also in other countries of the world.

Remnants of a 25000-year-old bone found in ancient Sumerian civilization were also marked with astrology. Do hand lines change according to karma?

Yes, according to the effect of karma and planets, the lines of one's hand also change in a short period of time. However, this change is not easily seen. Only people with knowledge of astrology can see and understand it with the help of special glass. Lines are formed in the hand of a five-month-old baby growing in the womb.

How do planets affect a person?
Just as the rays of the sun have an effect on human life, similarly other planets also have an effect on people. The effect of a 
lunar and solar eclipse is also adverse to the creatures. The Sumerians had discovered this formula that whatever happens in a person's life, that event is related to the constellations somewhere.

He said that due to the gravitational power of the moon, a tidal wave arises in the sea. Seawater contains sodium, calcium, and potassium. Just like the sea, these elements are also found in the human body, in such a situation, it is natural that the lunar planets definitely affect the human being. No one can escape the influence of planets. Prabhu Shriram suffered 14 years of exile due to the influence of the planets.

Can serious diseases be treated with the help of astrology?

Yes, with the help of astrology and herbs, treatment of blood cancer and other serious diseases is also possible. In the Jataka magazine, if Chandra and Mars are in a weak position and Saturn is sitting in the house of disease, death, or expenditure, then the person has full fear of blood cancer. The weak lunar in the horoscope reduces the white blood cells and in the case of Mars weakening, the red blood cells are less. He said that I have treated 100-150 blood cancer patients, most of whom were answered by doctors. Such patients are treated with the help of wheat jowar, pomegranate juice, and other herbs.

Why does society need astrology?

Astrology leads society from darkness to light. Some businessmen and people with little knowledge have definitely maligned astrology. Astrology cannot be held false on the basis of a few false predictions. Just as the usefulness of a doctor does not end with the death of a few patients, in the same way, a few wrong predictions do not lose the usefulness of astrology. 100% cannot be expected in any field.

Further research is needed on this topic. The government should also make efforts to pursue astrology in the same way as libraries and laboratories are created for other subjects so that the misconceptions that exist in the subject matter of this subject can be changed and the society is freed from the clown astrologers. So to receive. For this, the public will have to cooperate so that people can be exposed to astrologers who are cheating with little knowledge.