Famous Astrologer In Delhi NCR On Nature

Famous Astrologer In Delhi NCR on Nature

Many types of astrology are mentioned in the texts as per Famous Astrologer In Delhi NCR. Some signify the nature of people according to the zodiac, and some according to the ascendant of the horoscope. Here it is presented as per your nature:-

Some astrologers believe that according to the war on which you are born, your nature is determined. Let’s know .

Sunday: Sun affects the person born on Sunday. The nature of such a person remains fearless but generous. The color is wide in color and cranial. He is rich in powerful personality.

Monday: The person born on Monday has the influence of the Moon. The nature of such a person remains calm and endowed with spiritual thoughts. There is sweetness in his/her speech. He/she remains serious and passionate.

Tuesday: Mars is affected by the person born on Tuesday. If the Mars of such a person is bad then he will be of a temperamental nature and will always be angry, stubborn and if Mars is good then the person will be fearless, fearless, and just and will act wisely in every situation.

Wednesday: – Mercury influences the person born on Wednesday. Such a person is skilled in art and business. There is sweetness in the speech and attraction on the face, but if the position of Mercury in the horoscope is bad then such a person is clever and Daydreamer will remain and dilemma and doubt will always remain in his intellect.

Thursday: Jupiter is influenced by the planet born on Thursday. Such a person is a serious thinker and is religious in nature. There is a feeling of sociability and proletarianism in his nature. But if the position of the Guru is not good then such a person can become a pretender or a pretender. The one who speaks untrue and will confuse people with his false knowledge.

Friday: The influence of the planet Venus on a person born on Friday is considered. If the planet Venus is right then the person will be artistic and sharp intellect. One who values ​​modern ideas and will be humbled by nature.

Skilled in influencing people with their words and actions, but if Venus planet is bad then it will be considered as a comfortable and comfortable person.

Saturday: Saturn’s influence on the native is considered to be on Saturday, so if Saturn is in an auspicious position then the person will be just, artistic and compassionate. He will be of a clear and principled nature, but if the position of Saturn is not good, then he will be of a warm nature, weak body, and lazy nature.

Know the yoga of becoming a high official from the horoscope [ Famous Astrologer In Delhi NCR ]
To become an administrative officer, your talent and hard work have special importance, but someone has said that nothing is achieved without luck. In some sense, it is also correct.
Despite making lakhs of efforts, a person is not able to reach heights and on the other hand, with simple efforts, another person easily reaches the heights.
After studying the birth charts of many officer classes, one will know about the planets of the persons who become successful administrative officers by making high progress in them.
First, the birth ascendant, then the importance of the ninth house of fortune, the importance of might, the third house, then the contribution of wealth, and the fifth house, the fourth house, which is of public and chair, should be strong.
The owners of all these places have special significance in the horoscope. Only then, along with being a successful administrative officer, gets to do such work, which is ideal in society. First, we will learn about the planets that make up the administrative officer.
* It is necessary for the Ascendant to be very strong and the position of its owner should be in the Karak Bhava.
* The ninth place of luck and the position of its owner should be strong in the birth chart.
* The second house is of wealth and family. There is also a sense of speech. This house has special importance because the support of the family, the support of money, and the effect of the speech of that person also have special importance.
* The fifth house, which is the house of knowledge and also the house of sons, is also the factor of entertainment, being strong also has special importance.
* The Tenth house is also the house of state and high job. The special status of all these makes the person a high official and a successful leader.
The strength of the planets will be known from this position. If the lord of the ascendant is in the fourth and the fourth lord is also in the fourth, then such a person becomes famous in the public or among the subordinate employees.
The relation of fate in the fifth gives that person a high position by being promoted by his knowledge and intelligence.
If the planets are exalted or if the original triangle is in the fifth and ninth house or if it is in its friendly sign, then it is called a strong planet.
At the same time, it is necessary for the planets to rise and be on the path and if the enemy is in the field then it is beneficial to be retrograde.
The horoscopes of successful administrative officers are mostly seen of Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Leo ascendant, who move ahead with their strength, hard work, and ability. Here high administrative officers will analyze the horoscope of Provident Fund Commissioner Mahendra Raju.
His birth Ascendant is Taurus, which is a fixed Ascendant. In his magazine, the special mighty moon is sitting in the exalted position, while the dwadashesh and the seventh lord of the moon are sitting in the valor, which is creating the low-bhanga Raja Yoga.
In the fourth house, the second lord of the Sun, the second lord and the fifth lord, Mercury, and the ascendant and the sixth lord, Venus is sitting.
In the eleventh house, the lord of income house, and the eighth house, Guru is sitting along with Rahu. The people of Taurus ascendant are patient, rich in attractive personality, and cool-tempered.
Such people are firm in their tune and once they decide, they stay after getting it. Here the exalted moon also makes you knowledgeable of many arts.
Debilitated Mars is sitting in the might, but due to the dissolution of the low, Mars got high strength and high vision on luck and the triangle of fortune Saturn sitting in the fifth house makes the person lucky.
At the same time, Jupiter is sitting in the eighth house and with Rahu in the income house. Therefore, such people get the benefit of income honestly, but there are sudden expenses due to Rahu being with them.
Here Shani is also high-spirited, so there is high aspiration in learning. The fourth house in the fourth house makes it effective in its employees or public. Moon is the karaka of mind, which is of exaltation.
Therefore, such people are loving nature and are cheerful as well as emotional. Right now, the difference of Shani is going on in Bhagyesh Shani, which will increase the fortune and make him lucky. In this way, we can know from which planets Janapriya is formed because of having high praise.
Know the nature of children from the horoscope
These children of Sagittarius Ascendant are very fond of traveling. The devils are fussy, stubborn, showing great courage without considering the worthy or the unworthy. Not particularly interested in studies. It is necessary to control them because they fall short in the face of emotions.
When children do not listen, do not listen, insist, or do not take interest in their studies, it is natural for parents to worry. But if we study the house of the child, especially the Ascendant, not only can we have systematic information about the nature of the child, but how to explain them can also be known.
Nature information by Ascendant [ Famous Astrologer In Delhi NCR ]
Aries Ascendant: The children of this ascendant are wicked, fussy, quarrelsome, and furious. Beating and getting hurt are common for them. There is a risk of head injury. Parents should not be furious while explaining to these children. Must be patient, patient.
Taurus Ascendant: These children are naturally inclined towards beauty. There is a desire to live well, eat, live a comfortable life. Often they are good in the field of art, but they are also stubborn. This too can be explained only by love.
Gemini Ascendant: These children are curious about every new thing, information, but due to the fickle mind, there is a lack of concentration and it is difficult to reach the goal. These children are verbal, ask more questions. They should try to increase concentration.
Cancer Ascendant: Calm nature, passionate, sharp intellect, and affectionate. Sometimes over-emotionalism leads to a lack of concentration. Talk with them should be done very calmly, choosing the right words.
Leo Ascendant: These children have many friends. You can even do your own harm to others. Leadership skills. Love but can’t show. By slandering their friends, you will not win over them, but you will go away.
Virgo Ascendant: Calm, reticent, and attentive to studies, hardworking. First of all, not only do they bother you, even if you do, you can understand with a scolding. A little scary.
Libra Ascendant: Calm, restrained, obedient, and readable. Take things to heart. Once explained, you understand the point.
Scorpio Ascendant: Wise, sharp intellect. Ability and willingness to make independent decisions. The good and bad positions of Mars can make them courageous or fearful. To overcome them, it is necessary to show them faith, take them into confidence.
Sagittarius Ascendant: These children are very fond of traveling. The devils are fussy, stubborn, showing great courage without considering the worthy or the unworthy. Not particularly interested in studies. It is necessary to control them because they fall short in the face of emotions.
Capricorn Ascendant: These children are indifferent in nature. With the thought of ‘whatever is right, there is less desire for progress, less desire to win. Inferiority hits home. They need constant motivation.
Aquarius Ascendant: These children, who take interest in subject-study of smart, investigative nature and who win the hearts of teachers and parents, rarely have anything to say.
Pisces Ascendant: There is a lot of lack of concentration in them. Imagination power is very good, they are also emotional. With proper guidance, one can progress in studies.
Apart from the Ascendant, the planets sitting in the Ascendant also affect the nature of children. The Guru of the Ascendant makes children calm, intelligent. Sun makes you stubborn and angry. Mars makes quarrelsome and very courageous.
Mercury makes a sharp intellect, very verbose. Moon makes emotional and fearful. Venus gives artistic interest. Saturn gives a lazy, dull mindset. Ketu gives an aimless, indifferent attitude.Rahu gives the mentality of aggressiveness, lying, working in secret. Similar effects of the aspect of different planets on the ascendant are also visible.
Therefore, after considering the planets of the horoscope, their proper remedy, solution, then control of the disparities of the child’s nature can be found.

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