Jyotish Experts In Gurgaon

Jyotish experts in Gurgaon

In the changing times as per jyotish experts in gurgaon,

the gap between generations is constantly increasing. Relationships are getting weaker.

The process of breaking up of families and becoming single has become old,

but now even in a small family, there are many tensions in relationships. In this era of social media,

the human being is becoming the most ‘unsocial’.

Can we consider it just a game of planets or can we relate it with our actions? Can only the practical

compulsions or everyday stresses be made an excuse for this situation? Personal interests and false egos

have cut us off from each other, making relationships formal and mean. But we should never forget that

relationships are precious capital for us. If you are soft and you know the skill of walking together,

then your planets can never be spoiled.

To understand this fate connection of relationships, it is necessary to understand the relationship of relationships

with planets from the planets from the Jyotish experts in Gurgaon. Each of our nine planets has a direct

relationship with all our relationships. If we go on saving all relationships, then the condition of our planets also

works in our favor and eradicates its negative effects. First, we know which planets are associated with

which of our relationships.

Sun’s connection with relationships

First of all, know about the Sun. Surya is directly related to our relationship with our father. If a person does not respect his father, quarrels with them, and spoils their relationship with them by putting ideological differences into practice, then he directly weakens his planet sun.

The person’s father’s personality can also be known by seeing the position of the Sun in the horoscope. Maybe the father is tough, angry or his behavior is rough. In such a situation, if the son or daughter does not respect them, distance themselves from them, or insults them, then they are spoiling their sun.

Due to this, he can be the victim of many diseases, cannot progress, can be under stress all the time, or is suffering from financial troubles. Often people take these problems to astrologers. There are many ways to make the sun happy, some offer water to the sun, some drink water in a copper vessel, and some wear copper rings. But all these measures do not affect until his relationship with his father is good or until he respects his father.

Moon’s effect on relationships

The same situation is with the Moon. Here Moon is affected due to the deteriorating relationship with the mother instead of the father. It is a very natural fact that the mother who gave birth to you, raised all the difficulties and raised you, abusing and humiliating that mother will make your moon angry, because of which you are suffering from mental illnesses, your progress stops. And will be surrounded by financial troubles.

Family relationship with Mars

Similarly, every relationship is related to some other planet. Because of Mars, your relationships with in-laws and with an uncle, aunt, tau, and other relatives are good or bad. Mangal tells the story of your younger siblings and the deteriorating relationships they form. Good Mars also strengthens your relationship with your friend circle, which has more number of young friends and colleagues.

The connection between Mercury, Guru, and Venus

Due to Mercury, relations with siblings, maternal uncle, aunt, and even your opponents can be disturbed. Jupiter and Venus improve your relationship with your spouse and friends.

Shani and Rahu-Ketu connection

Jyotish experts in Gurgaon, Rahu is for Dada and Ketu is for Nana. Rahu is also associated with your grandfather as well as in-laws. A better relationship with them gives you a chance of sudden gains and progress in life. In this way, all your nine planets are connected by some of the other relationships.


People wear all kinds of gems to suit each planet according to their mind, from many kinds of remedies to worship, but by adding sweetness to their relationships, you can make all these planets positive for you. The need is to bring decency in our behavior, to strengthen our stamina, and to forgive others, and to apologize occasionally, if necessary, by accepting your mistake.

This practicality of yours can make you extremely social and prestigious even in today’s complex times. So open the knots of the mind and strengthen the fortunate connection of your relationships with an open mind, suggests the planets from the Jyotish experts in Gurgaon.