Calculating Hindu Calendar By Marriage Astrologer

Calculating Hindu Calendar by Marriage Astrologer

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on calculating the Hindu Calendar. We will delve into the intricacies of the Hindu calendar system, learn how to calculate important elements such as Panchang and Tithi dates, and explore the significance of Hindu calendar patterns. If you have ever wondered about the day as per the Hindu calendar or how to determine auspicious occasions, you've come to the right place. As a marriage astrologer and Vedic astrologer, Kapoor has years of experience and expertise in this field. So, let's dive in and explore the fascinating world of the Hindu calendar!

The Hindu calendar is a complex and ancient system used to determine auspicious dates, festival timings, and various other important events in the Hindu religion. It follows a lunar calendar, where the phases of the moon play a significant role in determining dates and timings. Let's address some frequently asked questions about the Hindu calendar:

What Day Is Today as per Hindu Calendar?

Determining the day as per the Hindu calendar requires understanding the concept of weekdays in Hinduism. The Hindu calendar assigns specific names to each day of the week, which differ from the commonly used English names. Here is a list of weekdays in the Hindu calendar:

1. Sunday (Ravivaar)

2. Monday (Somvaar)

3. Tuesday (Mangalvaar)

4. Wednesday (Budhvaar)

5. Thursday (Guruvaar)

6. Friday (Shukravaar)

7. Saturday (Shanivaar)

To find out what day it is today as per the Hindu calendar, you can refer to online Hindu calendar resources or consult with a Vedic astrologer like Kapoor, who can provide accurate information based on the current lunar cycle.

What Is the Hindu Calendar Pattern?

The Hindu calendar follows a unique pattern based on lunar months and solar movements. It consists of various cycles, such as the lunar month (Maas), the solar month (Masam), and the zodiac signs (Rashi). The Hindu calendar also incorporates the concepts of Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra (lunar mansion), and Yoga (auspicious time).

The Hindu calendar pattern is deeply rooted in ancient scriptures and astrology. It reflects the rich cultural heritage and religious beliefs of the Hindu community. Understanding this pattern requires in-depth knowledge and expertise, which astrologers like Kapoor possess.

How to Calculate Panchang?

Panchang is a vital component of the Hindu calendar system. It provides detailed information about the auspicious and inauspicious timings for various activities. Panchang includes elements such as Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, and Rahu Kaal. Calculating the Panchang requires a deep understanding of these elements and their interplay.

To calculate the Panchang, astrologers consider the positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies. They analyze the lunar calendar, zodiac signs, and planetary movements to determine the auspicious timings for different activities such as marriages, housewarming ceremonies, or starting new ventures. Expert astrologers like Kapoor are well-versed in this complex calculation process and can provide accurate Panchang details.

How Is Hindu Calendar Calculated?

The Hindu calendar is calculated based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. It follows a luni-solar system, where the lunar months are adjusted to align with the solar year. This ensures that the festivals and important dates fall around the same time each year.

The calculation of the Hindu calendar involves determining the positions of the moon, sun, and other celestial bodies. It considers the length of lunar months, the occurrence of lunar eclipses, and the changing seasons. The calculations are based on ancient mathematical formulas and astronomical observations.

Astrologers like Kapoor use their knowledge and expertise to accurately calculate the Hindu calendar. They consider various factors, such as the location, time zone, and specific traditions followed by different regions and communities.

How to Calculate Tithi Date for Death?

In Hinduism, the Tithi date holds great significance, especially during times of death and mourning. The Tithi date refers to the lunar day when a person passed away. It is believed that performing certain rituals and prayers on specific Tithi dates helps in the peaceful transition of the soul.

To calculate the Tithi date for death, astrologers consider the lunar calendar and the date of passing. They analyze the planetary positions and the time of death to determine the corresponding Tithi. This information is then used to perform the necessary rituals and prayers to honor the departed soul.

As an expert marriage astrologer and Vedic astrologer, Kapoor can guide individuals and families in calculating the Tithi date for death and assist them in performing the associated rituals with reverence and accuracy.


Intricacies of calculating the Hindu calendar. We discussed the significance of determining the day as per the Hindu calendar and understanding the Hindu calendar pattern. Additionally, we learned how to calculate the Panchang, the process behind calculating the Hindu calendar, and the importance of calculating the Tithi date for death.

Astrologers like Kapoor possess the knowledge, experience, and expertise required to navigate the complexities of the Hindu calendar system. They play a crucial role in providing accurate information, guiding individuals and communities, and ensuring the observance of auspicious dates and rituals.

Remember, the Hindu calendar is a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and cultural heritage. Embracing its principles and following its guidance can bring harmony, auspiciousness, and a deeper connection to the rich traditions of Hinduism.

FAQs :-

Q: Can I calculate the Hindu calendar on my own?

While basic calculations can be done with the help of online resources, accurately calculating the Hindu calendar requires expertise and understanding of astrological principles. Consulting an expert like Kapoor ensures accuracy and reliability.

Q: Is the Hindu calendar the same across different regions of India?

No, the Hindu calendar may have slight variations in different regions of India. This is due to the influence of local customs, traditions, and regional astrological practices.

Q: Can the Hindu calendar help in determining auspicious dates for weddings?

Yes, the Hindu calendar plays a crucial role in determining auspicious dates for weddings. Astrologers analyze the Panchang to identify favorable timings and ensure a harmonious start to married life.

Q: How do astrologers like Kapoor acquire the knowledge of calculating the Hindu calendar?

Astrologers undergo rigorous training and study ancient texts and scriptures to acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to calculate the Hindu calendar accurately.

Q: Can I consult Kapoor for personalized astrology services?

Yes, you can avail of personalized astrology services from Kapoor. Feel free to reach out for guidance on various aspects, including the Hindu calendar and astrology-based life decisions.

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