Seventh Place In Gemini Ascendant

Seventh place in Gemini ascendant

For those who have a Gemini ascendant one has to know the position of the master of the seventh house for the

life partner. Whether it is male or female it is also necessary to assess the position of the planet sitting on the

seventh house and the sight of the planets falling on Venus and the seventh house due to the owner of

the seventh house and the factor of the couple.

The position of the planets related to the seventh house will be very important. It is necessary for this ascendant to be inauspicious. If the Guru is in the seventh house or the seventh house is seen with the eleventh third or

the ascendant house then the marriage in the Guru will be with the best groom or the best girl takes

place in the same sense.

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As per the top matrimonial astrologers in Delhi, If Saturn or Sun or in the seventh house is in marriage is delayed. If Saptamesh is low or is disturbed or does not get married the life partner does not get good or there is tension among themselves. If Saturn is the owner of the seventh house of Rahu then his life partner will be drinking alcohol and eating unabashed food.

It would be better to have Saptamesh in tenth from here on seeing Guru Dhanbad from the fifth point of view shows the best state of wealth and makes you sweeter than speech. The seventh Guru is good for family happiness. The Guru also creates Deepak yoga by looking at the best feeling from here.

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It means to say that if the life partner is good then understand beyond the house of the householder otherwise it is all wrong. Therefore according to the leading best marriage astrologer in India, the auspiciousness of a guru for a life partner is going to be good for this ascendant.

Now if we talk about Venus, then there will be Panchamesh and Dwadhesh for this Ascendant. Its auspicious position is good for learning. There are also auspicious results for married life.