Food Habits And Astrology

Food habits and Astrology

Food habits and Astrology
Food habits and Astrology is a fully developed scripture in which only a horoscope is available and a blueprint of the entire life of that person can be drawn. Even his dietary habits can be told from the horoscope. 
Knowledge of food from the place of wealth. :-
[1] If the lord of this place is auspicious and is the inauspicious position then the person is going to eat less. 
[2] If Dhanesh is a sin planet, if he deals with sin planets, then the person will be a high eater (gourmet). 
[3] If the auspicious planet is visible from the sinful planets or if the sin planet is from the auspicious (dhanesh), then the person will eat an average meal.
[4] Ascendant makes Jupiter overbearing, but if the fire elemental planets (Mars, Sun, Jupiter) are weak then the digestive power of the person will remain messed up.
[5] Dhanesh is an auspicious planet, is in a higher or original triangle, or has a vision from auspicious planets, then the person eats comfortably.
[6] If Dhanesh is in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, or if you see an auspicious planet in a place of wealth, then the person is a quick eater.
[7] If there is a sin planet in a place of wealth, a person eats very slowly if there is a sight of sin planets.
[8] The sixth sense is reported about things you like to eat.
[9] Mercury or Jupiter in the sixth place, then salty items are preferred.
[10] Jupiter is strong and is fond of eating sweet if it is in a state or a place of wealth.
[11] Venus, Mars are in the sixth place, then things like Khatti.
[12] If there is a combination of Venus-Mercury or if you have sight of Guru-Venus in the sixth place then you like sweet things.
[13] If there is a Leo zodiac in the sixth place, then you like tamasi food (meat-eggs). If Taurus is there then rice is eaten more.
[14] When Mercury is associated with planets, sweet things are not liked at all.