Is The Planet A Planet Or What Is The Difference Between A Deity Or A Deity And Planets

Is the planet a planet or what is the difference between a deity or a deity and planets

How each planet s deity was appointed over time is a matter of research Understand from the best Vedic astrologer in Delhi. Some people say that when there was no concrete way to show the movement condition and direction of the planets to our sages then they combined this whole event into a story. Now it is necessary to see the story of a deity from the story of a planet and to see the story of a planet from the story of a deity.

To preserve this complete data of the constellations the Rishis appointed a deity of each planet to create almanacs calendars etc. on that basis and also created a story to tell the movements of the planets. The planet Sun was associated with Aditya eldest son of Aditi wife of Kashyapa Rishi. All Adityas were considered deities. Sun is the lord of Sunday. Similarly, the lunar planet was linked to the Vedic deity Chandra. He is also called Som who belongs to the family of the sage Atri.

Planet continues.

He is the lord of Mondays. Similarly, Mars was associated with Mangaldev also known as Angaraka. He is called Bhumi Putra. Similarly, Mercury son of Ila of Atrikul was considered the god of the planet Mercury. The name of his son is Chandra. Its attack is Wednesday. Similarly, the planet Jupiter was associated with the sage Jupiter who is the guru of the gods. Thursday is their attack. Similarly the planet Venus was appointed in the name of Shankaracharya the guru of the Gods who is the lord of Friday. Similarly, Sun’s son Shani was appointed as the god of Saturn the lord of Saturn. Certainly, both the deity and the planet are different.

The planet which the deity represents or the deity whose character is similar to that of the planet or to say that to reflect the nature of the planets according to its nature the names of the planets were placed on the said deities which are of that nature. Rahu and Ketu were demons who had tasted the nectar by stealing at the time of churning the nectar. The shadow of all the planets is considered to be the shadow of Rahu and Ketu.

This shadow also has an impact on the earth. Some astrologers say that it is a symbol of the South and the North Pole. According to astrology, Ketu and Rahu represent the moon and the intersection point of the path of the Sun and hence Rahu and Ketu are called north and south lunar nodes respectively. The fact that an eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are at one of these points.

Do planets have an impact on human life

The luminous space body is called Nakshatra. Our Sun is also a constellation. These constellations are not conscious beings who delight or anger a particular person. The sun has the highest effect on our earth after that the moon is considered to be the effect. Follow our blogs to know more and avail of the best astrology services in Delhi. In the same way, Mars Guru Buddha, and Saturn also have an impact.

The planets have an impact on the entire earth not on anyone human. Changes are seen in any particular region of the Earth in which a particular planet has an effect. The influence of the North and South Pole of the Earth rests on the entire Earth and the Earth draws all the objects to a limit. The tidal ebb in the sea is also an effect of the attraction power of the sun and the moon. Amavasya and Poornima also have an impact on our earth. When we talk about the effect it means that one root object, whether it is the moon has its effect on another root object whether it is seawater or the water of our stomach. But we can keep our minds and thoughts under control.