Famous Astrologers In Dwarka Kahala

Famous astrologers in dwarka Kahala

Such a defect in the horoscope can make a person criminal as per Famous astrologers in Dwarka.
Different types of planetary positions and the yogas formed by their combination have great importance in Vedic astrology. When these yogas start giving inauspicious effects, they come under the category of doshas and they are called doshas instead of yogas.
One such yoga of Vedic astrology is Kahal Yoga. The word Yoga is associated with its name. It means that it gives an auspicious effect to the person, but it is also a kind of dosha. Because when it is formed due to the inauspicious positions of the planets, it makes a person even a serious criminal.
Let us know when under what circumstances Kahal Yoga is formed and what are its auspicious and inauspicious effects.
How is Kahala Yoga Formed explains Famous astrologers in dwarka?
According to the popular definition of Kahal Yoga in Vedic astrology, if the lord of the third house and the lord of the tenth house are situated in the center of each other in a horoscope. That is if they are located in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house from each other and the lord of the first house of the horoscope i.e. Lagna is dominant, then Kahal Yoga is formed in such a horoscope.
Due to the effect of this yoga, the person becomes very courageous. He has innate qualities like might. He is not afraid of anyone. The person who has this yoga in his birth chart is seen to be successful in police, the army, and other types of security forces. Some Vedic astrologers believe that even if the lord of the third house is placed in the center from Jupiter in a horoscope, then Kahal Yoga is formed in the horoscope.
Kahala Yoga also gives opposite results
Due to Kahal Yoga, the above-mentioned auspicious effects are visible in the native, but it also gives inauspicious results. The ill-effects of this yoga are also seen in many horoscopes. Hence it is also known as Kahal Dosha.
Like all other auspicious yogas, for the formation of Kahal Yoga, it is very necessary to have both the lord planet of the third house and the lord planet of the tenth house auspicious in the horoscope, because either or both of these planets are inauspicious. In the event of this, not creating Kahal Yoga in the horoscope, some kind of defect will be created.
You can face many types of problems
Due to which the native may have to face many problems in life. For example, in a horoscope, if the lord planet of the third house and the lord of the tenth house are inauspicious and situated in the center from each other, then Kahal dosha will be formed in the horoscope.
If such planetary conditions are created then the person can become a serious criminal.