Shukra Rahu Conjunction/yuti

Shukra Rahu conjunction yuti

Shukra Rahu conjunction/yuti:-Rahu is mysterious, know what effect it has on our life on which planet?

A total of 9 planets have been mentioned in astrology, out of which 2 planets Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets. They are generally considered to be inauspicious planets.

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Shukra Rahu conjunction/yuti Rahu and Venus

The conjunction of Venus with Rahu can make a person a victim of bad habits. With this yoga, a person can do intoxication, gambling, crime, and other unrighteous deeds. One has excessive courage which is harmful. Rahu ends the auspicious effect of Venus. If a person with Venus along with Rahu moves towards religion and his horoscope is of Pisces ascendant, then he attains a high degree of success in Tantra.

Rahu and Guru

When Rahu and Jupiter are in conjunction in the horoscope, a person gets a long life, but their life problems always remain. These people travel a lot.

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Rahu and Saturn

People in whose horoscope Rahu is situated with Saturn, are mysterious. These people make more money from secret works. They hide a large part of their earnings from the government. If this conjunction remains in the seventh house, then there is no harmony with the life partner.

Rahu and Sun

The eyes of a person become weak due to this yoga. The person may face problems in relation to the father.

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Rahu and Moon

Due to this yoga, a person may have mental trouble, headache, eye disease. These people are more successful away from home. This is also called eclipse dosha and due to this, there is tension.

Rahu and Mars

This yoga is inauspicious for the brother. There is fear of enemy conspiracy. There may be blood disorders and blood pressure problems. It is also called Angaraka Yoga. If this conjunction is in the fifth house, then the person is knowledgeable of secret knowledge.
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Rahu and Mercury

Due to this yoga, a person can get diseases related to the head. Such a person considers himself to be smart and considers others to be a fool.