Mars Mahadasha And Antardasha

Mars mahadasha and antardasha

Mars mahadasha and antardasha || Mahadasha of Mars – Result of Antardasha:-(1) The result of the Antardasha of Mars in the Mahadasha of Mars

Pitta, Ushta (diseases arising from heat) – Fear of getting injured or getting hurt, separation from brothers. Oppose the people of the caste, the enemies, the king, and the thieves. Fear the pain of fire. But the person should get money from the fields and litigation. Our experience is that if Mars is a yoga factor, then its condition becomes good. Due to Mars being strong, the person’s victory is achieved even if the opponent is born. But if Mars is disturbed, then the person suffers from enemies.

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(2) The result of Rahu in the Mahadasha of Mars

Weapons, fire thieves, ripu (enemy) king – be afraid of all these. Poison causes illness or pain. There may be loss of any teacher or brother. The person has disease in the armpits, eyes and head. The person may die or there may be great objection to him.

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(3) The result of the antardasha of Jupiter in the Mahadasha of Mars

There are auspicious results in this antardasha. The only inauspicious result is that there is pain in the ear and there is disease in the body due to phlegm. All the rest are auspicious results. May the sons and friends of the native grow, Gods and Brahmins, may be worshiped, always get the opportunity of guest worship. Be engaged in virtuous deeds and travel in pilgrimage.

(4) Antardasha of Saturn in the Mahadasha of Mars

This time is very painful. One after the other calamity comes upon the sons, teachers, and ancestors of the native. The person himself is a victim of calamities. Enemies take away his wealth. There is fear of fire and air – property etc. may be lost or there may be physical disease due to the outbreak of pitta and vata. Enemies of the native take away his wealth. There should be a loss of his money and incidents that hurt his heart from within.

(5) The result of Mercury’s Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Mars

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Whether there is pain from the king or the government. There should be a lot of suffering because of the bride of a Shudra caste. There is fear of enemies, thieves create nuisance and there is loss of money. Animals, elephants, and horses should be destroyed and there should be meeting with enemies. Now people usually do not keep animals, elephants, or horses. It means bad fruit.

(6) The result of the antardasha of Ketu in the Mahadasha of Mars

Suddenly there is fear of thunder, pain from fire and weapons, one has to leave his country or wealth is destroyed, and either the person loses his own life or his wife perishes.

(7) The result of the difference of Venus in the Mahadasha of Mars

Defeated in war, had to leave his home country, and went abroad. Thieves steal money and take it away, there is pain in the left eye. Loss of workers. That is, the person may have trouble with the servants or there may be a decrease in the number of servants.

(8) The result of Sun’s Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Mars

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Get respect from the king. Increase in the influence of the native due to war; There should be growth and prosperity in the servants of the person, in wealth, in Lakshmi, and in his women. That is, all these things should have maximum splendor and luxury. The person should earn Lakshmi with his courage.

(9) The result of Moon’s Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Mars

May there be various types of wealth. Get a son, clothes. Beds, jewellery, gems, and property were found. Separation from enemies means that enemies should not suffer. But a teacher may suffer and the person himself may also suffer due to Gulm and Pitta.