Saturn In Seventh Is Not Auspicious For Marriage

Saturn in seventh is not auspicious for marriage

The seventh house is considered to be most important in the Lagna Kundali the seventh house from the Lagna is considered to be the factor for marriage and marriage. According to the popular matrimonial astrologers in Delhi, the position and vision of the planets with this house and the owner of this house the native has an auspicious effect.

The seventh house is considered the home of marriage and spouse. The presence of Shani in this sense is not considered an auspicious sign for marriage and married life. When Saturn is placed in this house a person has a delayed marriage.

Saturn in the Seventh House Continues.

If Saturn’s position is not auspicious in the seventh house then there is a possibility that a person marries someone who is much older in age. If the Sun’s conjunction with Saturn is in the seventh house then the marriage takes place late and the house remains turbulent due to discord.

When Saturn is conjunct with the moon a person does not have love for his spouse and has a possibility of an extramarital affair which in turn is not good for married life. The seventh Saturn and the planets that make a connection with it are not favorable for marriage and family.

When there is a combination of Saturn and moon in the ninth-month horoscope or birth chart then marriage should be done only after the age of thirty years because before that there is no possibility of marriage.

More on Saturn in the Seventh House.

The famous astrologer in india also suggests that for whose moon is in the seventh house in the horoscope and Saturn in the ascendant the same situation happens with them. Their marriage is highly likely to fail. In

the horoscope Saturn is expected by the ascendant and the sun is second or marriage is very late if the Lagna is weak. There is a situation that they do not marry.

Saturn is the obstacle in the marriage of a girl whose horoscope is in the ascendant or seventh with the sun or the moon or in the Lagna or seventh. Saturn is in the sixth house in the horoscope and the Sun is in the eighth

and the seventh is weak or suffering sin there are many obstacles in their marriage.

When the combination of Shani and Rahu is in the seventh house, then the marriage takes place at a higher age spouse. This type of situation also occurs when the combination of Saturn and Rahu is in the Lagna and

they look at the seventh house.

Saturn in Seventh House.

If there is a conjunction of Shani-Rahu in the horoscope or if Saptamesh Venus is weak then marriage is delayed.

Girls whose marriage is delayed due to Shani, they should fast on Hartalika or it is beneficial to take measures according to the horoscope.

Please understand that the above factors as per the best marriage astrologer in India are important but for individual horoscopes, we have to look into the case by case basis as there is a possibility that what is looking bad from a blind eye just might have a factor that can overturn the results.

Hence it is important that when you are taking any big decision like marriage or even divorce you must consult a learned astrologer so that you are able to get a proper path of your Married Life