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Astrology for marriage matching  Parashari Kundli

If the husband is Mangala, then the wife is destroyed and the wife is Mars, then the husband is destroyed. There is no science in this from the point of view of probabilism. There are twelve houses in a horoscope and

the position of Mars in the fifth house is said to be malefic.

In this way, 5/12 part of the group i.e. about 41 percent people are Manglik, but if attention is

paid to such people in the society whose husband or wives have died,

then we will find that their number is not even one in thousands.

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In addition to Mangala-Mangli,

A Kundli Melapak table is used to match horoscopes in astrology books. From this table only on the basis of the nakshatra-phase of the moon,

the qualities of boys and girls are extracted. This method is also completely unscientific.

Not only the Moon, but all other planets also determine the nature, personality, and future of any boy or girl. Therefore, the practice of extracting the qualities of two horoscopes by horoscope-matching is absolutely wrong.

Punarvasu Nakshatra

An example may be mentioned in this regard. An astrologer made the girl with Moon located in Pushya Nakshatra mary someone

who was born with Punarvasu Nakshatra fourth phase which made the gun Milan score to be 35. Despite doing this, he did not even have a day with his wife.

For some reason, they could not get a divorce, but their differences remained so

deep that even while living in the same house, the conversation among themselves remained closed. It does not mean that astrology itself is false, planets do not affect human beings.

Actually, in the horoscope of that friend of my father, there was some deficiency in the

happiness of the female side or household, so despite marriage, he did not get happiness. Could be

A gentleman should come to me with the horoscope of his daughter’s Libra ascendant.

The seventh house lord, Mars was overturned and placed in the eighth house, in such a situation,

the girl could feel the lack of happiness and obstruction in the household and

household from the whole puberty i.e. from 24 years to 48 years,

thinking that I got that girl on her feet.

Advised to stand up, but the parents want to be sure only after marrying the girl,

they contacted another astrologer, who got her married in a good Muhurta after getting her horoscope mixed well. After only two years, her husband died in an

accident and the girl is still leading the life of a widow.

Today, due to the presence of computer and internet in every household,

this has become a bigger problem due to the availability of Mangla-Mangli and Kundli Melapak at home. It has become quite easy to see their match by inserting any two bio-data,

but good relations are seen getting out of hand in this affair.

By entering those two bio-data, those who got married without matching horoscopes and

who are doing very well or those who got married with horoscopes and who are not performing,

the computer and the program put in it can be exposed.

Saturn in seventh is not auspicious for marriage

As an astrologer, it is my duty to give proper advice to the parents.

I request them to get their children married by finding suitable partners,

regardless of the old beliefs, without discussing the horoscope match. The marriage of a mangala and mangli can also be done by being sure of a normal bride or groom.

This doesn’t mean that you have no way of getting an answer about your Marriage in advance. Having said about matchmaking in the above article you should consider the Rishi Bhrigu Padhati or

Nadi Jyotish Padhati which will give you an accurate picture of your experience of Marriage in future.

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