Astrologer Nearby On Chandal Dosh

Astrologer nearby on Chandal Dosh

Know what is Chandal dosha in the horoscope from the Astrologer nearby.

When Chandal Dosh is formed in the horoscope of a person, the decision or work done by the person gets

affected. That person can also make unnecessary rounds of courts.

It has been seen many times that such a person is very hasty in taking decisions and suffers loss. This dosha is

formed due to the companion planets of Rahu-Ketu in which the mental state of the person becomes weak

due to Somaditya Chandala Yoga and he believes that someone has used tantra-mantra with him.

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Such people also suffer physical pain. Jiva Chandal Dosha is a type of Brahmadosha. Chandala dosha is a sign of the curse of a Brahmin. Shani Chandal Dosha leads the native on the path of sudden downfall.

As per the Astrologer nearby, due to Angarak Chandal Yoga, the person has to make rounds of court due to real estate. When the Sun being an Atmakaraka planet comes in Chandal Dosha, then the shadow of the dead

people is affected by that person. The person trapped in the Bhrugu Chandal suffers loss due to some woman.

The Astrologer nearby says that hundreds of types of this yoga are revealed in a subtle study. Chandal dosha means being bound by religion. Brahm loan of previous birth, which varies from person to person due to planetary position. Its peace is possible through Kali Shabar, by serving the Brahman, or by repaying the Brahmin debt.

Rahu-Guru in the right house removes the Chandal Yoga and makes the vehicle driver.

The person born in Mercury’s setting never plays games with Rahu, he is very happy, Rahu is also

related to entertainment and cinema, Rahu is also a vehicle factor. Rahu also likes the work of airplanes and the work of going to space.

If somehow Rahu and Jupiter have a proper relationship in the 12th house, and Ketu is right, then the person has to

do the job of a pilot, but Mars is not with him, instead of becoming a pilot and living men.

One starts doing rituals to bring them away, and after performing the work of performing rituals,

the work of transporting the dead souls to heaven is also done.

Therefore, it is better for the person with Mercury to spend his life

doing hard work by staying away from lottery, speculative, gambling, shares, etc.

Nilambro Nilavpu: Kiriti Karalavaktra: Karwalshuli. Chaturbhujshchradharashch Rahu: Simhadhirudho Varadostu Mahayam.

The prestige of Rahu and Ketu is the same as that of other planets.

Although it is not a planet with any surface like Sun, Moon, Mars, etc., that’s why Rahu and Ketu are called

shadow planets, there are many mythological stories about Rahu, like Saturn, people are afraid of Rahu too, in

South India. People do not even do any work during Rahu Kaal.

In relation to Rahu, almost everyone is familiar with the story of the churning of the ocean, according to a

mythological legend, the demon king Hiranya was the son of Simhika, the daughter of Kashipu,

his father’s name was Viprachit. With the cohabitation of Viprachit, Simhika gave birth to a hundred sons, among them the eldest son was Rahu.

Rahu also participated in the Devasura struggle, so he too joined in it. Amrit was also among the fourteen

gems obtained as a result of the churning of the ocean, when Vishnu was giving nectar to the gods by taking the

form of beauty, then Rahu came to know his real identity and real purpose.

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He immediately took the form of Maya and brought a vessel, and sat in the midst of other deities, Vishnu,

taking the form of beauty, made him drink nectar, then the sun and moon revealed his reality,

Vishnu killed Rahu with his chakra.

His head was cut off, Rahu’s head became immortal due to drinking nectar, his body fell on the banks of the river

Gautami trembling, Rahu’s body had also attained immortality due to drinking nectar.

The gods were frightened by this fact and prayed to Shankarji for his destruction, Shiva sent his superior

Chandika with the matrikas to kill Rahu, the deities kept the head with them, but the headless body also

accompanied the matrikas. She kept on fighting.

Chandal Dosh continue…………

Seeing that his body was not defeated, Rahu’s conscience was awakened, and he advised the deities that

for the destruction of this unconquerable body, you should tear it first, so that its excellent juice may be retired,

after that, the body will be consumed in a moment.

The gods were pleased with the advice of Rahu, they anointed him, and granted the planet to become a planet

among the planets. After taking out the Amrut juice, he drank it.

Rahu could not forgive the Sun and the Moon for revealing his reality even after attaining the planet and tried to

grasp the Moon and the Sun at the time of the full moon and new moon.

There is also a mention of Meghdas, a son of Rahu, he did severe penance to avenge his father’s enmity.

Rahu in Astronomy [ Astrologer nearby ]

Rahu and Ketu are not celestial bodies, but Rahu is the northern intersection point of the Moon and the ecliptic. It is known as the North Node. By the way, the receiving part of the light of each planet in the region of Rahu, and

the shadow that appears on the other side of the light coming on that planet is called the region of Ketu.

As per Brahmande and Pinde, Rahu Ketu is intrinsically associated with everything in the world. The reason which is visible is Rahu and the one who is in darkness is Ketu.

Rahu in astrology [ Astrologer nearby ]

In Indian astrology, Rahu and Ketu have been given the same importance as other planets, Parashara has called

Rahu a planet with tamas, that is, dark, according to him, Rahu Vanchar, like a smoke-colored, is fierce Vata nature-oriented and intelligent, Neelkanth has considered Rahu. The form is depicted as Saturn.

Generally, Rahu and Ketu have not been given the lordship over the zodiac signs, yes the constellations are

definitely fixed for them. However, some Acharyas have considered Virgo under Rahu, according to them Rahu is exalted in Gemini and debilitated in Sagittarius.

Constellation of Rahu [ Astrologer nearby ]

The constellations of Rahu are Ardra, Swati, and Shatabhisha, in these constellations the effect of Rahu is

included when the Sun and the Moon or the planet is in the birth sign. another notion

According to our view, the color of Rahu is similar to that of Nilamegha, it is situated below from the

Sun for 19000 yojans, and keeps revolving around the Sun like a constellation. In the body,

it has got a place in the pits and calves, when the karma is created against the person, then in order to purify him, he gives terrible diseases like insomnia,

stomach diseases, brain diseases, madness, etc. In the same way, it gives severe pain, and makes the

person even mad, if the actions of the person are auspicious,

then gives incomparable wealth to pay for such deeds, so to avoid the calamity arising out of the payment of these deeds, Rahu should be given to the person.

One should take refuge in and should be pleased with worship, chanting, donation, etc. Onyx is its gem, and the full moon is its day. Its metal is mica.

Placement of Rahu in 1-12 Houses [ Astrologer nearby ]

Rahu in the 1st house makes enemies, less progeny, patient, selfish servant tendencies.

The second house makes the family destructor, minor progeny, false-speaking miserly, and enemy laughter.

Third house makes a prudent, strong scholar and businessman.

The fourth house is cruel by nature, dissatisfied, and gives trouble to the mother.

Rahu in the fifth is a fortunate, hardworking family destroyer and always gives trouble to the life partner.

The sixth house makes a strong, patient, long-lived malefic and hostile.

The seventh house makes clever greedy gout, prone to misdeeds, multiple marriages, and shameless.

8th house makes hard-working intelligent kami secretive patients.

The ninth house is virtuous, hardworking but gives darkness in fate.

The tenth house is the one that does lowly deeds attached to the beauties who are addicted.

The eleventh house makes slow-moving unprofitable labor, harmful and cautious.

The twelfth house makes a person who is slow in the company of unscrupulous wicked people.

Warning [ Astrologer nearby ]

For Rahu, the person should see in his birth chart that if Rahu is sitting in the first second fourth fifth

seventh eighth house of any zodiac, especially the debilitated, then it definitely gives economic, mental, and

physical pains in its Mahadasha Antardasha, there is no doubt about it.

Before the time i.e. before the beginning of Mahadasha Antardasha, the Beej Mantra of Rahu must be chanted. So

that Rahu does not harass and that time is spent happily, remember that the setting Rahu is very painful,

no matter what it may be.

Remember these 5 Vastu mantras, every crisis will end!

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