Astrologer In Noida Sector 18 On Tithis

Astrologer in Noida Sector 18 on Tithis

Astrology has been an age-old practice that offers profound insights into our lives and destinies. Among the various elements of astrology, tithis hold a significant position. In this article, we will explore the concept of tithis in astrology and gain a comprehensive understanding of their importance in astrological interpretations, guided by the expertise of the renowned Astrologer in Noida Sector 18. From defining tithis to their influence on our lives, we'll embark on a journey to unravel the celestial secrets that shape our existence.

Tithis: The Lunar Phases

Tithis, also known as lunar phases, are an essential part of Vedic astrology. These are determined based on the moon's position concerning the sun and play a crucial role in understanding the influence of the moon on our lives. Tithis are calculated by dividing the 30-day lunar cycle into 15 equal parts, with each tithi spanning approximately 1.92 days.

The 15 Tithis

1. Pratipada (New Moon): The first tithi of the lunar cycle, symbolizing new beginnings and opportunities.

2. Dvitiya (Second Tithi): Signifying duality and relationships, it governs harmony and balance.

3. Tritiya (Third Tithi): Associated with growth and development, bringing creativity and success.

4. Chaturthi (Fourth Tithi): Governing stability and security, it is related to Lord Ganesha.

5. Panchami (Fifth Tithi): Symbolizing adventure and exploration, it brings a dynamic energy.

6. Shashthi (Sixth Tithi): Signifying health and vitality, associated with the divine mother, Goddess Durga.

7. Saptami (Seventh Tithi): Representing knowledge and learning, associated with Lord Hanuman.

8. Ashtami (Eighth Tithi): Governing growth and transformation, linked to Goddess Kali.

9. Navami (Ninth Tithi): Symbolizing compassion and benevolence, associated with Goddess Durga.

10. Dashami (Tenth Tithi): Signifying completion and accomplishment, bringing a sense of fulfillment.

11. Ekadashi (Eleventh Tithi): Governing spirituality and self-discovery, associated with Lord Vishnu.

12. Dvadashi (Twelfth Tithi): Symbolizing introspection and self-awareness, linked to Lord Surya.

13. Trayodashi (Thirteenth Tithi): Signifying rejuvenation and healing, associated with Lord Kamadeva.

14. Chaturdashi (Fourteenth Tithi): Governing liberation and release, bringing an end to cycles.

15. Purnima (Full Moon): The fifteenth tithi, symbolizing illumination and enlightenment.

The Significance of Tithis in Astrology

The tithis in astrology hold profound significance as they influence various aspects of our lives. By understanding the tithis' energies and characteristics, astrologers can make accurate predictions and provide valuable guidance to individuals.

Tithis are closely linked to the moon, a celestial body that significantly impacts our emotions, mindsets, and subconscious. Each tithi carries a unique vibrational energy, and its influence varies based on the individual's birth chart and astrological factors.

Tithis and Personal Traits

The tithi under which a person is born can reveal specific personality traits and tendencies. For instance, those born under the first tithi (Pratipada) may exhibit qualities of leadership and innovation, while those born under the fifth tithi (Panchami) might be adventurous and risk-takers.

Tithis and Relationships

The tithi at the time of an individual's birth can also affect their relationships and interactions with others. Certain tithis are considered auspicious for starting new relationships, while others may be better suited for introspection and self-improvement.

Tithis and Career Choices

Tithis can influence career choices and professional growth as well. For instance, someone born under the tenth tithi (Dashami) may excel in leadership roles, while individuals born under the sixth tithi (Shashthi) might thrive in the healing and caregiving professions.

Tithis and Auspicious Occasions

In Vedic culture, specific tithis are considered highly auspicious for conducting ceremonies, festivals, and important events. For example, the second tithi (Dvitiya) is ideal for weddings and celebrations, while the twelfth tithi (Dvadashi) is significant for spiritual practices.


In conclusion, understanding tithis in astrology is essential for gaining deeper insights into various aspects of our lives. These lunar phases influence our personalities, relationships, and career paths, while also playing a significant role in determining auspicious occasions for ceremonies and celebrations. As you embark on your astrological journey, the expertise of Astrologer in Noida Sector 18 will undoubtedly guide you to a greater understanding of how tithis impact your life.

Remember, the universe holds profound mysteries, and astrology is a tool that can help us navigate through them, making our journey more fulfilling and meaningful.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the significance of tithis in astrology?

Tithis, also known as lunar phases, are crucial elements in Vedic astrology that determine the moon's position concerning the sun. They influence various aspects of our lives, including personality traits, relationships, career choices, and auspicious occasions.

Q: How are tithis calculated?

Tithis are calculated by dividing the 30-day lunar cycle into 15 equal parts, with each tithi spanning approximately 1.92 days.

Q: Can tithis affect personal traits?

Yes, the tithi at the time of an individual's birth can reveal specific personality traits and tendencies.

Q: Are certain tithis more auspicious than others?

Yes, certain tithis are considered more auspicious for starting new ventures, conducting ceremonies, and important life events.

Q: How do tithis influence career choices?

Tithis can influence career choices by indicating strengths and inclinations toward certain professions.

Q: Which tithi is associated with enlightenment?

The fifteenth tithi, Purnima (Full Moon), is associated with illumination and enlightenment.

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