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Astrologer in Sangam Vihar delhi business Kundli

Astrologer in Sangam Vihar delhi: Right path to right business – Know from Kundli.Life is the name of change,

and life changes every day, due to which the events of our life also change everyday. We all can easily see this change in our daily life, we can feel this change.

Due to the existence of the world, only human beings, creatures, animals and all beings are pastoral. Change can be clearly seen, felt, not only in life but also in the behavior, personality,

field of view and ideology of the person.

We have often seen that we know a person for many years, even claim to understand,

but suddenly the change in the behavior of that person is beyond our understanding. The same situation is also seen in the events of life as per Astrologer in Sangam Vihar delhi.

Right path to right business – Part 2

Karma gives a person the reason to live and the means to live. Only the means of livelihood helps in the upbringing of him and his family. This is what is called business. The person who is in the job today also wants to know which business would be best for him.

Even if he is not in a position to do business, but the desire to know the

field of business is definitely there for all of us at some point in our life. Which business, which business would be right to do, this question is in the mind of all businessmen and non-businessmen.

This question is born out of the desire to get the best benefits easily and easily.

Let’s know what astrology says about this subject as per Astrologer in Sangam Vihar delhi-

The person in whose horoscope the Sun is well placed, exalted, mooltrikonasth, mitrarasistha, supermitrasistha,

then the person has good self-confidence and the person benefits from business. Apart from this, even if the Sun is placed in the ninth house, it is strong in the horoscopes,

even then the person earns profit from business instead of job.

Under the influence of Sun, the person gives gold seller, giving and giving work, Vaidya Arya, medical work etc. The placement of Moon in the birth chart, such as being in the high zodiac or Vargottam,

connects the person to the business of getting things from water.

Successful in business

A person tries to be successful in business by using emotions, love, affection. He also gets business benefits in service related areas. There is a possibility of a person being successful in the business of profit and

money goods with the help of royalty.

If this is the position of Mars in the birth chart, that is, if it is exalted, Vargottam, Mooltrikonastha,

in the house of luck, then the person gets benefits in the fields related to courage. Initiative, enthusiasm, energy, vigor and leadership qualities predominate in the success of his business. Such a person also gets skill in writing.

What work he should do?

Every person must be in this situation at some point of life, what work he should do? The birth certificate can play an important role in determining this. Each person has the ability to do different work, his functionalities are also different.

The circumstances and capabilities of life are also different. And the means of applying their potential in the field are also different. Taking the right decision of the workplace after the marriage decision can completely change the life.

Just like marrying a wrong person can make your life heaven and

marrying a wrong person can make life hell too.

Horoscope is the only tool

Similarly, if the determination of the field of work is wrong, then the person has to face failure,

disappointment and frustration in life along with loss. Horoscope is the only tool that has been helping us fully in choosing the right path in life.

Horoscope Ascendant, Ascendant, Tenth:-The Ascendant, Ascendant,

Tenth house and Dashmesh of the birth chart help us to choose the right profession. To choose a business, you should first see in which sign the planet is the most.
Business can be determined according to the nature of the variables, fixed or dual nature.

The variable signs are 1,4,7,10 zodiac signs. Fixed signs are the 2,5,8,11th signs. And 3,6,9,12 are Dwiswabhava signs.

Char rashiyan and Businesses

If there is a tenth house in the variable signs or more planets are situated in the fixed signs,

then the person chooses the business by using his cleverness, tact, dexterity and his power. Such a person starts thinking of change in business only after having some trouble.

Takes quick decisions to make changes. Sometimes one tries luck in other business. He is interested in the business of moving nature.

Sthir rashi and business

If most of the nine planets are in fixed signs, then the person chooses his profession

only after having patience, concentration, tolerance, determination and contemplation. Such a person does not make frequent changes in the occupation once he has chosen.

Even if there are problems, difficulties, accept them and try to improve them and succeed. Such a person generally gets success in doing business related to service sectors.

Apart from this, he can also do business of teacher, professor, arhatiya and grocery etc. The business is long term but the business of the person is wide, so

the person has to move from one city to another.