Yoga Bhanga Arishta Hindu Horoscope

Yoga bhanga arishta Hindu horoscope

Yoga bhanga arishta Hindu horoscope :-

[1] Sarvarishtnashak Yoga is created if the night is born in Shukla Paksha and the moon is in the sixth and eighth houses,

[2] When the Navamsa and the sign of the auspicious planets are in the numbers, arishtnashak yoga happens,

[3] Arishtanash happens if the benefic planets are in the centre or if the lord of the birth sign is positioned in places,

[4] Arishtanash happens when all the planets are in the positions of,

[5] Sarvarishta eliminates the Moon if it is in its own zodiac, exaltation, and friend's planet.

[6] If Mercury, Venus, and malefic planets are in the twelfth house from the Moon, Jupiter is in the tenth house from the Moon, and Arishtanash happens.

Vedic horoscope using arishta bhanga yoga 

[7] Sarvarishta destroys if the Moon of Cancer and Aries is in the middle and aspected by fortunate planets.

[8] If Rahu is in the ascendant and the ascendant signs are Cancer, Aries, and Taurus, there is a disruption.

[9] If all planets are in positions, Arishtanash,

[10] Arishta Bhang happens if the full moon is in a benevolent planet's sign.

[11] Sarvarishtanash occurs when the Moon that has been in a favourable planet's square is located in the 6.8th house.

[12] A rishtabhanga exists if the Moon and the ascendant of the birth are considered to be favourable planets.

[13] If Venus sees the Moon in locations in the Navamsha of a benefic planet, Sarvarishtanash will occur.

Yoga bhanga arishta Hindu horoscope

[14] Sarvarishtnash occurs when the Sun is in the eleventh house and powerful benefic planets are placed in places.

[15] If the Ascendant is powerful and auspicious planets see it, then there is destruction.

[16] Mars, Rahu, and Shani are aristastashak if they are in the 3.6.11 positions.

[17] Jupiter is Sarvarishtnashak if it is in the positions, the 9.12 sign, or an elevated sign.

[18] The planets are aristatashak if they are all positioned in the signs of

[19] Arishtanash happens when all the planets are in the signs of friendly planets.

[20] Planets are considered Arishtashak if they are all located in the Navamsha of fortunate planets or in the class of benefic planets.