Astrologer In Vasant Kunj Margi

astrologer in vasant kunj Margi

Astrologer in vasant kunj Margi :- What is planetary motion and how does it change by astrologer in Vasant Kunj?
Each planet has a different speed. Rahu-Ketu along with all the planets also keep traveling on the path of celestial revolution state. There are two types of motion – rotation and revolution.
Rotation – When the planet rotates on its own axis from the circumference to the east, that motion is called revolution.
Rotation – When a planet moves around the Sun while moving through its path, as if it is revolving, then that motion is called revolution.
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When the earth revolves around itself on its axis in night and day i.e. in 24 hours, then it is called revolution. When the Earth moves in its orbit to revolve around the Sun, it is called revolution. Just like a bumblebee moves forward while circling around it. There are also two types of rotation – path motion and retrograde motion.
Margi motion – When a planet keeps moving straight in its path, then it is called Margi planet. This movement is from west to east. As the Sun is in Aries, then after that Taurus will again move towards Gemini, etc. This is the direct motion of the planets.
Retrograde motion – When a planet moves back completely while moving straight, it is called a retrograde planet. This motion is against the motion of the Sun from east to west. For example, if a planet is in Gemini, then after that it will move towards Cancer, but after not moving forward and then returning to Taurus, then it will be called retrograte motion of the planet. In this way, each planet has a different speed. Some move fast and some go slow.
Except for Rahu-Ketu, the speed of other planets is always changing.
Moon – It is closest to the Earth and is the fastest moving. It usually completes its orbit around the earth in 30 days.
Saturn – This planet is the farthest from the Earth and is the slowest moving. It can complete its orbit in 30 years.
Sun – It completes its orbit in 365,1/4 days. Travels a distance of about a fraction per day.
Thus, from the gross value, 1 Rashi remains for 1 month. In this way, the Moon stays in one zodiac for two and a half days, Mars one month, Mercury one month, Jupiter 13 months, Venus 1 month, Saturn 30 months, and Rahu-Ketu 18-18 months in one zodiac. Except for Rahu-Ketu, the speed of other planets is always changing. The speed of Rahu-Ketu never changes. Rahu-Ketu always moves in retrograde motion. The Sun and the Moon never move in a retrograde motion, they always move in a straight line.
The orbit around the Sun is not a bullet but an elliptical one. Some part of this path falls near the Sun and some become far away. When a planet moves closer to the Sun while moving. When the planet moves to a greater distance from the Sun, then it is said to be more distant from the Sun.
When the planet gets closer to the Sun, then the attraction power of the Sun increases, due to which the movement of the planet becomes faster due to the pull of the Sun. And as the planet moves away from the Sun, its speed slows down. Because due to the distance from the Sun, the pull of the Sun starts decreasing and in that case the planet becomes retrograde. But when the planet after returning from a distance moves towards the Sun, then it becomes a path again.