How Online Astrology Works

How Online Astrology works

How Online Astrology works

Following a certain mathematical tradition in the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years to know the future, the subject of astrology has been continuously evolving. Even though there are hundreds of methods of knowing the future, but the traditional Indian astrology, which is the custom of looking at the horoscope and making predictions from it, does not change much.

Till a few decades ago, in the calculations used to make the horoscope, the hand made Panchang Panchang was used and the Kundali was made by hand. Even an accomplished astrologer took two to three days to prepare a detailed horoscope. After that the fruitful part began. For this result also, you had to go to the astrologer in a certain time period and in front of the astrologer's seat, you had to show the horoscope by offering fruit offerings and dakshina and get the horoscope predictions. Since this was a tedious process, neither astrologers were available to everyone nor the facility of showing the horoscope to every person was available.

The mathematical part of astrology also prospered with the development of computers. Based on the Swiss amphiteries, the motion of the celestial bodies was captured in the software and the coil was formed in minutes and seconds. In the second phase of communication revolution, the person sitting far away from the astrologer also started getting rashi faladesh rashi faladesh through phone. Cashless economy has also simplified the transmission of funds. Now it has become very easy for an Indian sitting in any corner of the country or the world to show the horoscope to any perfect astrologer. For this you have to follow the following steps.

(1) Call the astrologer and tell your birth details
(2) The astrologer will make a horoscope on his system.
(3) Will give you the primary information of your horoscope
(4) Will inform you about the fees for the analysis and treatments, consultancy fees
(5) You deposit the fee online

It may take about a week for you to make the call and receive the horoscope analysis. Whether you are in any corner of the country or the world, you get the services of a stable seeker astrologer at your place. Whether you are present in front of an astrologer or talking on the phone, there is no difference in the results produced by the analysis of the horoscope. In such a situation, instead of traveling hundreds of kilometers to an astrologer, you can take the services of an astrologer by staying at your place. This is a meaningful use of the communication revolution.