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Love marriage – If Pisces failed in love

Pisces is a dual nature. Its owner is Guru. Guru is a sign of ambition. People of this zodiac are very ambitious, religious and sensitive. Righteousness and sensitivity keep running in your veins. Because of this many times you guys get cheated. Guru is the guru of all. The people of Pisces sign achieve success by guiding everyone.
The planet Jupiter is calm, kind-hearted, gentle and good-natured, due to which you become a victim of the conspiracies of others. The Cancer sign of the Moon is lying in the fifth house of Pisces. Moon is a sign of fickleness, so there is no stability in your love. In today’s time it is common to fail in love.
love marriage still, if the people of Pisces zodiac have failed in love, then do these measures?
* If you have been deceived or failed in love, then keep a full moon fast for one year. By doing this you can get back your lost love.
* If the fifth lord is sinful or inauspicious, there is failure in love. Your fifth lord is the moon, so you have to praise and worship the moon. The following mantra “Om Shree Kreem Chan Chandraya Namah” should be chanted daily for 1 rosary.
* When the sight of sinful planets falls on both the Ascendant and the fifth house, then you suffer from mental pain. Be it the failure of love or any other type of failure. Therefore, if you regularly praise this mantra “Om Klein Uttaay Uddhaine Namah”, then you will get success only.
* If you are a woman then worship Ganesha and if you are a man then praise Parvati. By doing this you will definitely get success in love.
* If you are constantly failing in love, then keep the five Gomti chakras in a red cloth in the worship house and keep the slip of the name of the one you love together and keep it in it. Then worship that bundle regularly.
Note- This remedy is only for the people of Pisces zodiac.