Pisces Horoscope Today India On Swastika

Pisces horoscope today India on Swastika

Pisces horoscope today india on Indra with great fame, do our welfare, do Pushadeva welfare of the world. God whose weapon is unbreakable, please kill us. Make Jupiter our Mars. The Swastika was invented by the Aryans and spread throughout the world.

Today Swastika has been used differently in every religion and culture. Some religions, organizations, and societies have used the swastika in the wrong places and used it in the wrong places, while others have understood its positive aspect. Read below for more :-

Know about the Swastika from one of the top astrologer in India :

The swastika is recognized in various forms not only in India but also in many other countries of the world. Swastika prevails in some form in countries like Germany, Greece, France, Rome, Egypt, Britain, America, Scandinavia, Sicily, Spain, Syria, Tibet, China, Cyprus, and Japan, etc.

The suggests that the word Swastika is considered a mixture of ‘su’ and ‘asti’. ‘Su’ means auspicious and ‘Asti’ means to be. That is, ‘good luck’, ‘welfare’. Swastika means efficiency and welfare.

In Hinduism, the swastika is considered a symbol of power, good fortune, prosperity, and Mars. It is made in every Mars work. The left side of the swastika is ‘Gan’ Bijamantra, the place of power of Ganesha. The four dots in it are Gauri, Prithvi, Kachhap, and the abode of infinite gods.

This Mars-symbol has a special place in the worship of Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, splendor, and opulence, the tradition of book-worship, etc. It is used to worship the Gods of all four directions, Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Soma, and to get the blessings of the Saptarishis. It is also a symbol of the four directions and the life cycle.

The swastika is used to fix the Vastu of the house. The swastika’s mark is counted as destructive objects. By using the swastika, the negative energy of the house goes out. [ Pisces horoscope today India ]

Twenty-four Tirthankaras of Jainism and their symbols include the swastika. The auspicious sign of the Tirthankara Suparshwanath is the swastika which is also known as Sathiya or Satiya.

The swastika is prominently included in the symbolism of Jainism. The four arms of the swastika represent four motions – hell, train, man, and god. This swastika symbol is also found on the walls of ancient caves and temples related to Jain articles. Get more comprehensive knowledge from Vedic Astrologer Kapoor (Top Astrologer near me).

In ancient Europe, there was a civilization called the Celt, which extended from Germany to England. They considered the swastika as a symbol of Suryadev. According to him, the swastika was also a symbol of the four seasons of Europe. Later this cycle or swastika Christianity was adopted. In Christianity, the swastika is also considered a symbol of rebirth.

The swastika has been popular in Egypt and America. People from both these places used to see the pyramids connected with rebirth. Osiris was considered the god of rebirth in ancient Egypt and always referred to it as a four-handed star, as well as depicting the Pyramid in the cross.

In this way, we see that the practice of swastika has been prevalent in the civilizations of every country since ancient times. It should be considered as one of the finest discoveries of ancient humans, considering the swastika, not of any one religion.

The Pisces horoscope today india says that the Ganesh Purana states that the swastika symbol in the form of Lord Ganesha, which has the power to remove all obstacles and obstacles. According to Acharya Yask, the swastika has been called the imperishable Brahman.

It is also considered as the symbol of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, Shree. In one of the Rigveda’s verses, the swastika is also considered a symbol of the sun, while in the Amarkosh it is considered a symbol of blessings, virtue, kshem, and mars.

Its mainly four arms are considered to be the symbol of four directions, four yugas, four Vedas, four varnas, four ashramas, four purusharthas, four faces of Brahmaji, and four constellations including hands.

What does the birth chart say? [ Pisces horoscope today India ]
Before learning to make a birth chart, we have to know what the birth chart says and what can be known from it? The birth chart is that, in which the position of which planets were at the time of birth and which ascendant was at the time of birth. There are twelve boxes in the birth chart, which are as follows-
The first house has been taken in the above horoscope, whatever number is in it, it is called the birth ascendant. For example, if there is 1 number in that house, then Aries will be ascendant, in the same way, number 2 is called Taurus, 3 is Gemini, 4 is Cancer, 5 is Leo, 6 is Virgo, 7 is Libra,
8 is Scorpio, 9 is Sagittarius, number 10 is called Capricorn, 11 is called Aquarius and number 12 is called Pisces ascendant. Similarly, the first house will be called the first house, it is also called the Ascendant.
We get different information from different expressions of the birth chart, we will know it as follows-
From the first house, we get information about physical shape, temperament, character, personality, character, face, virtues, and demerits, early life thoughts, fame, happiness and sorrow, leadership power, personality, the upper part of the face, life. In this sense, public health, the circumstances of the cabinet can also be considered.
From the second house, we get thoughts about family members, speech, saving money, good luck, profit and loss, jewelry, vision, right eye, memory power, nose, chin, teeth, woman’s death, art, happiness, throat, In-ear, cause of death and national thought,
one can know about revenue, the economic condition of the common man, import and commerce and business, etc. Imprisonment i.e. scepter is also seen from this house.
Brother, might, courage, relationship with friends, partnership, medium of communication, voice, music, writing work, chest place, lungs, arms, brothers, and sisters from the third house. For national astrology, about railways, aircraft, newspapers, magazines, correspondence, movements of the nearest countries, etc. are known.
Mother in the fourth house, own house, family status, land, vehicle happiness, ancestral property, motherland, work related to public, chair, well, milk, pond, secret fund, abdomen, chest, educational institutions for national astrology, colleges,
schools, agriculture, land, the happiness of the common man and the work related to the people and local politics, identity among the people – all this is seen.
In the fifth house, education, conscience, writing, entertainment, children, mantra-tantra, love, speculation, lottery, sudden money gain, previous birth, uterus, bladder, back, administrative ability, income are also known because from here any planet is seventh. Look at the income price from the point of view.
The sixth house from this house enemy, disease, debt, hindrance, food, uncle-aunt, failure, injury, wound, betrayal, failure, pet, servant, debate, court-related work, intestine, stomach, border Disputes, invasions, the water-ground military can be known about.
The seventh house is related to women, marriage, sex, husband and wife, commerce, buying and selling, dealings, partnership, bladder, public, secret diseases, national morality, foreign relations, war is also considered. It is also called Marak Bhava.
From the eighth house, death, age, cause of death, woman’s wealth, secret wealth, heir, self-acquired house, the position of the person, separation, accident, punishment, stigma, etc. are considered from this house.
Religion, fortune, pilgrimage, children’s fortune, brother-in-law, spiritual status, detachment, import-export, fame, fame, public life, fortune, rebirth, construction of temple-Dharamshala, etc., planning, development work, Court related works are known.
The tenth house is known about father, state, business, job, administrative level, honor, success, public life, knee, parliament, foreign trade, import-export, rebellion, etc. It is known about promotion, responsibility, stability, high position, political relations, thighs, and government honor, etc.
The eleventh house represents friends, society, aspirations, wish fulfillment, income, progress in business, the eldest brother, freedom from disease, ankle, second wife, ears, commerce, business, profit from foreign nations, international relations, etc.
Expenditure from the twelfth house, loss, punishment, secret enemy, foreign travel, renunciation, failure, eye pain, conspiracy, family tension, misfortune, prison, hospitalization, slander, luxuries, left ear, left eye, debt, etc. is known.
Some important formulas to see the birth chart [ Pisces horoscope today India ]
Seeing a birth chart is not a trivial matter. A slight mistake can put the person in front of you in mental trouble or the wrong coordination destroys life. Mistakes made in matching magazines or ignoring some people ruin lives.
First of all, we will know what to see in the magazine, then we will look at Milan. There are twelve parts in the birth chart and the time the person was born at that time and the position of the planet Lagna sitting in the Ascendant etc.
From the first house, the body, personality, complexion, temperament, versatility, fame, from the second house wealth, family, speech, eyes, antidote, education, family status, scepter, the age of the husband are seen in the woman’s horoscope.
Brother and sister were junior to the third house, might, short journey, writing, research, husband’s fortune, fame, father-in-law, Devrani, Nandoi in the woman’s horoscope. Mother, motherland property, building, land, relation with the public, chair, father-in-law’s wealth, father’s business, authority, respect, etc.
Seeing a birth chart is not a trivial matter. A slight mistake can put the person in front of you in mental trouble or the wrong coordination destroys life. Mistakes made in matching magazines or ignoring some people ruin lives.
From the fifth house, education, children, entertainment, love, maternal wealth, husband’s income, mother-in-law’s death, profit, brother-in-law, elder-mother-in-law, uncle, father-in-law, aunt, mother-in-law, labor from the sixth house, enemy, disease, Karna, maternal uncle, aunt, Son’s wealth, migration, father-in-law’s immovable property,
husband’s bed happiness. From the seventh house, husband, wife, marriage, married life, marriage, character, grandmother, husband’s appearance, in-laws, fame, and respect. Age, secret wealth, secret diseases, good luck, fame and failure, husband’s wealth, and family from the eighth house.
From the ninth house, fortune, religion, fame, virtue, children, sannyas, grandson, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law. State, administrative service, father’s prestige, mother-in-law, husband’s homeland, housing, immovable property, vehicle, etc.
Income from the eleventh house, desired attainment, a wealth of uncle, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, mother-in-law, mother-in-law. Expenditure from the twelfth house, secret enemy, loss, sleeping pleasure, business, loss of a husband, debt, maternal uncle, maternal uncle.
These things are seen in the horoscope of the woman. The lord of which house is in which position in which house? This should also be considered. At present, the position of the transiting planets and their relationship should also be taken care of. It is also very important to take care of the antidote and its condition and antardasha at that time.
Mangal dosh should not be ignored while matching the birth chart. When there is a relation of Saturn and Mars in the seventh house, then the remedy for that defect must be done, otherwise, there is a possibility of the girl becoming a widow at a young age or the man becoming a widower.
In this way, by matching the birth chart properly, these untoward incidents can be avoided and the native can be benefited.
Difference Types astrology
The entire astrology can be basically divided into three parts-The best astrology with these three wings is said to be the holy eye of the Vedas.