Marriage Astrology By Date Of Birth

Marriage Astrology by date of birth

Marriage astrology by date of birth

Now from your birthday, you can know when you will get married

Today we will tell you how you can know by yourself that in which year and month you are likely to get married. With the help of Jyotish Anga Vidya, you can find out the possibility that at what age your marriage is being formed. But if there is any defect in the horoscope then this vidya will not work on it. So let's know when will the marriage take place by knowing the date of birth?

When will the marriage happen by knowing the date of birth?

First of all, write your date of birth on a paper.

Now write the day of your birth on this paper also on which day you were born.

After this, you select the marks according to the day given below-

Monday – 386, Tuesday – 288, Wednesday – 378, Thursday – 874, Friday – 786, Saturday – 388 and Sunday – 756

Select the number according to the day you were born and take their total tomorrow. Like (Monday- 3+8+6= 17)

Now you also add 3, 8 and 7 in turn to the total.

eg- 17+3= 20
17+8= 25
17+6= 23

The sum total that has come is the year in which you are likely to get married. At the age of all these (20, 25, 23) you are likely to get married.

To know in which month of the year it will be, you now add all the three totals together. like-

2+0= 2
2+5= 7

2, 5 and 7 These are the numbers that represent the month. This means that you are likely to get married in any one of these months.