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Astrologers in govindpuram ghaziabad-Improve the position of the planet Mercury in the horoscope by worshiping Lord Ganesha.
Lord Ganesha is the god of intelligence. The letters are called ‘Gana’, due to their being God, they are called ‘Ganesh’.

Why Lord Ganesha is called the ‘giver of knowledge and intellect’.

Adikavi Valmiki, while worshiping Lord Ganesha, has said – ‘Ganeshwar!

You are the giver of sixty-four grades of knowledge and also the teacher of the gods, Brihaspatiji. The one who gives the desired knowledge to Katha (that is, the giver of Kathopanishad). You are Dwirad, the poet and the master of the wisdom of the poets; I bow to you.

‘ Lord Ganesha, being endowed with extraordinary intelligence and discretion,

bestows goodwill and wisdom on his devotees. For the purpose of clean intect,wisdom and to prevent ignorance Lord Ganesha was chosen to worship by our Sages and to achieve concentration in work.

How can one get the boon of sharp intellect by the grace of Lord Ganesha? By meditating on Shri Ganesha, a confused person gets the boon of wisdom and wisdom, and Saraswati is pleased by praising Shri Ganesha. For sharp intelligence and memory power, meditate on Lord Ganesha in the morning!!!!!!

A person desirous of attaining knowledge should meditate on the form of Lord Ganesha while reciting this verse in the morning – in the morning, Smrami Gantanathamnathabandhum SindoorpurParishobhitgandajugam uddavighnaparikhandanachandand- Makhandaladisurnayakavrindavandyam.

That is, those who are friends of orphans, both of whom are scintillating with vermilion, who are capable of destroying strong obstacles, and whom Lord Indra worships, I remember in the morning that Lord Ganesha. Do these remedies of Lord Ganesha on Wednesday for attainment of knowledge and fast memory.

The planet Mercury is also the giver of intelligence.

Worshiping Ganesha on Wednesday is very fruitful. Lord Ganesha, being satisfied with his brief worship, bestows Riddhi-Siddhi to the devotee. It is very easy to please Ganesha. It does not require much expenditure.Worship by wearing pure yellow clothes after taking bath etc.

In the place of worship, place the picture or idol of Ganesha in the east direction. Offer roli, rice etc. to Lord Ganesha. If you don’t get anything, then offer only two drops. Offer red (hibiscus, rose) or white flowers (evergreen, moonlight) or marigold flowers in the house. Shri Ganesh must be applied vermilion.

Lord Ganesha is very fond of gram flour laddus, if there is no laddu or modak, then only jaggery or batase should be offered.Show incense by lighting a lamp and say a small verse with folded hands – So I celebrate Ganapati, O Gaurisut. Do the destruction of obstacles, Jai Vighneshwar.

He is the bestower of wisdom.

Hey Riddhi-Siddhidatar Jai Vighneshwar.Offering a yellow molly to Ganesha, say – ‘Do the gift of wisdom, O Vighneshwar’. After worship, tie that Mauli in your hand by touching the feet of the parents, guru or any respected person.Keep the Durva mounted on Shri Ganesh near you, it increases concentration.

The intellect becomes sharp by chanting this Ganesha mantra 108 times. It is said in Ganapati Atharvashirsha- ‘Whoever worships Lord Ganesha with Lajon (rice cake) becomes successful and meritorious. Therefore, even by reciting Ganapati Atharvashirsh, learning, intelligence, discretion and concentration increase.

All siddhis can be attained only by remembering Lord Ganesha, the ocean of wisdom and the house of auspicious qualities[ Astrologers in govindpuram ghaziabad ]