Kaal Sarp Yog And Beneficial Rahu And Ketu Cures

kaal sarp yog and beneficial Rahu and Ketu cures

kaal sarp yog and beneficial Rahu and Ketu cures

Often people are scared of Rahu or Ketu. Kalasarpa dosha is formed due to Rahu and Ketu. According to the Puranas, Kalasarpa Yoga is formed due to Pitrudosh or destiny. Kalasarpa yoga is also considered to be mainly of 12 types. Many people are scared of Kalsarpa Yoga.We will tell you the miraculous infallible remedies of Rahu and Ketu as per your horoscope. You can see in your horoscope what Rahu and Ketu are sitting. By taking the same food remedy, you can get rid of the evil effects of both these planets. Before you know what kind of influence Rahu and Ketu have in your life.

Negative effect of Rahu: Black magic, tantra, sorcery, etc. all are ruled by planet rahu and people under its effect ned to get effective remedies. Rahu is responsible for the occurrence of sudden events. Rahu is the factor of our knowledge, which is born in spite of our intellect, such as an idea would come or suddenly get excited after seeing an event. Rahu is also a factor of negetive dreams. Fearing dreams or waking up in a glow are also considered signs of ill effects of Rahu.

If suddenly the body starts to stiffen or the mind gets engulfed by unnecessary stress and there is disturbance all around, like nervousness then the cause of all these is also Rahu. Disinterested or mental dementia is also born due to Rahu. Being born enemies of worthless, becoming dishonest or deceitful, drinking, excessive sexual intercourse or head injury is a sign of Rahu being inauspicious. Such a person is not in a condition of progress.

Remedies for Rahu: Rahu is a factor of in-laws' favor, should not be disturbed by in-laws. Putting a peak on the head, applying sandalwood tilak on the forehead, eating in the dining room is the remedy of Rahu. You can keep a solid silver elephant in the house. Worship Saraswati. do remedies of planet  Guru also.
Positive effect: The person will be wealthy. Imagination will be faster. Due to Rahu's goodness, one develops the qualities of superior litterateur, philosopher, scientist or mystical disciplines. Raja Yoga might also result from this on the flip side because of its sweetness. Normally, its inhabitants work more in the police or the government.
Negative effect of Ketu: Now know the effect of Ketu according to Lal Kitab. There are two types of Ketu in the world. The first dog that guards the house and the second rat that hollows the house. Such friends and relatives are also there. If the number of rats in the house is more, then the effect of Ketu is more.Ketu destroys the sleep of the night. Makes unnecessary waste of money. Ketu is also the cause of urination, joint pain, obstruction of childbirth and wheezing. Trouble related to children, the risk of bad wind or sudden cheating also remains due to Ketu being inauspicious.

Ketu remedy: Children are simble for Ketu. So keep good relations with children. Worship Lord Ganesha. Feed bread to a brown dog. Get the ears pierced. 

Positive effect of Ketu: Ketu will be auspicious ie status, status and happiness of children. It is similar to the flag on a house, shop or vehicle. Auspicious Ketu holds the status of a person.

Remedy for Kalasarpa Yoga: Work for satiety of fathers in Shraddhapaksha. It is worshiped in Trimbakeshwar for the diagnosis of Pitru Dosha. According to scripture, chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Rahu Beej Mantra or Om Namah: Shivaay also helps to cure this defect.Apply sandalwood tilak on the forehead according to the Lal Kitab. Press and hold a few kilos of grain in the house with a heavy object. 11 Drain the drainage in running water. Keep feeding bread to black-white dogs, cows and crows. Get the ears pierced. Keep touching the feet of the elderly. Stay away from any kind of addiction. Keep offering water in Peepal. Keep incense of Gud-Ghee in the house from time to time.