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Examples such as Rama’s killing of Ravana and Krishna’s killing of Kansa are also found in Indian belief,

but even then we are given the only indication that truth has triumphed over unrighteousness or untruth

of religion and not any individual. on the other person. Efforts are made to eliminate the evil and not the bad person. In Indian belief that virtues have been victorious and demerits have been destroyed.

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In Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra, when Krishna gave knowledge of friends and enemies to Arjuna, one of his comments is that Kauravas and Pandavas are symbols of good and evil within us and we can eliminate evil by nourishing good with our will power. . For this, the feeling of any kind of attachment or detachment should not be allowed to come in the way.

From the point of view of astrology, victory is seen as associated with profit and self-promotion. The sixth house of the horoscope is said to be of enemies and the twelfth house of loss. The strength within us should be sufficient for victory in any work, it will be seen from the Lagna.

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The courage within us will be seen from the third house and our willpower to achieve will be seen from

the eleventh house. Along with this, the position of the Moon in the horoscope should be strong. Before starting any work we have to dream it first. For this, the Moon helps us. After this, the Lagna helps us to decide to start the work.

The third house gives us the courage to move forward and the eleventh house paves the way for achieving our

desired means. Success or failure in all these tasks is based on our tenth house i.e. karma. If any one of these expressions is not strong enough, we have to face failure many times.

When the Moon is weak, our imagination and thinking power do not support us, when the Lagna is weak,

we are unable to decide to start the work when the third house is weak,

we are unable to start the work even after taking the decision, the tenth house is weak. But there is a lack in our efforts and when the eleventh house is weak,

we may be deprived of getting the desired results.

Online astrologer chat says although profit-loss, success-failure, and victory-failure are the six subjects whose

final decision has been reserved by God, the work from the ascendant to the tenth house is in our hands. Meanwhile, our problems, worries, and enemies interfere with our work.

Problems come from the sixth house:-

Many times we also face problems while performing the work. These problems are seen from the sixth house of the horoscope. Due to the strong sixth house of the horoscope and being under the influence of a particular

benefic planet, the horoscope holder can easily conquer his enemies and rivals for most of his life.

His enemies or rivals are usually not capable of inflicting any significant damage on him. Due to the weakness of the sixth house of the horoscope or due to the influence of any bad planet,

the horoscope holder repeatedly suffers losses in his life by enemies and rivals and the enemies of

such a person are generally very powerful.

Overall, the weaknesses we have, will all be seen from the sixth house, and from this house,

we get information about our abilities, characteristics, inner strength from the eighth house i.e. Lagna. If the ascendant of a person is very powerful, then we can compete with enemies of any level.

Online astrologer chat on enemy according to the ascendant:-

Every marriage has its own merits and demerits. The people of Aries ascendant are fiery and try to complete the work in one go. Their weakness is the compulsion of not being able to do the same task over and over again.

We can also see this in the horoscope that in Aries ascendant Mercury is the ruler of Ripu house. Similarly, the people of Taurus ascendant are somewhat luxurious and comfortable.

This is the specialty of their ascendant and this is also their weakness. We see that Venus is the ruler of the enemy house in Taurus ascendant. The specialty of the people of Gemini ascendant is in taking the problem

lightly and taking life in a normal way. In Aries ascendant, Mars who teaches to fight against difficult situations is the ruler of the enemy house.

Cancer is a water sign and belongs to those who cannot work on one idea for a long time. For Cancer Ascendant, Jupiter, which is somewhat more stable and the planet that takes the world along,

becomes the ruler of the enemy house. The people of the Leo zodiac are fast and proud by nature. Shani is the ruler of the enemy house of Leo, who moves slowly and

takes his decision after thinking a lot.

Virgo people are very talkative and over-analytical. The ruler of this ascendant also gets a just enemy like Shani. The people of Sagittarius ascendant appear to be gentle and educated and try to lead a simple life. As their enemies, we can see people who are ruled by Venus.

Capricorns are relatively strong and slow.

The people of Mercury, who cannot stand their tongue, are the enemies of this ascendant. The people of Aquarius are determined and persistent in the same work for a long time, their enemy is the Moon,

which does not last long in any one work.

The people of Pisces are living a relatively simple life, their enemy house is ruled by the Sun. In this way, we see that every ascendant has its own specialty, in

this context their enemies also have their own nature. If a person keeps on strengthening his natural nature, then the nature of the enemy will automatically weaken.