Best Astrologer In Delhi With Fees On Disease

Best astrologer in Delhi with fees on Disease

One of the most best astrologer in delhi with fees says that Mars has its own place in the solar system. Mars also protects the Earth from many disasters. Mars also protects the Earth from the evil effects of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. It is due to Mars that coral hills are born in the sea and due to that, red color has arisen in nature.

Learn about the disease caused by mars

According to Lal Kitab, one of the best astrologer in delhi with fees says that considering both the fair and inauspicious, both auspicious and inauspicious, their deity and all other things have been said differently. According to Lal Kitab, the horoscope of Mangal is explained in detail. Know brief information here.

How Mars is spoiled?

If the west angle of the house is corrupt then Mars will also be bad.
By making fun or insulting Hanumanji.
Not following the religion.
By enmity with brother or friend.
Continuing to rage.
Eating meat.
Mars in the fourth and eighth house is considered inauspicious.
Is lonely in any sense, like a lion locked in a cage.
Sun and Saturn together become Mars.
Ketu with Mars is inauspicious.
Mercury with Mars also does not yield good fruit.

What happens when Mars is spoiled?

Mars is a symbol of courage and fight. If the person is a coward then Mars is bad.
Inauspicious, the possibility of not having an elder brother is considered strong.
If there is a brother, there is enmity with them.
There are obstacles in producing children. He dies as soon as he is born.
The person quarrels all the time. * One has to spend nights in the police station or jail.

Sign of Mars auspicious:[ Best astrologer in Delhi with fees 

According to the best astrologer in delhi with fees, Mars commander is of nature. If auspicious, one becomes a courageous, armed, and military officer or a leader or superior leader in a company. Mars is a planet walking on goodness, but if Mars is motivated to go towards evil, then it does not back down and this is the reason for its inauspiciousness. Sun and Mercury together become auspicious Mars. It is considered good to have Mars in the 10th house.

These planets give terrible diseases, read shocking astrology secrets

Vedic researchers who believe in astrology believe that according to astrology, the operation of a person’s body is also according to the planets. Sun is the lord of eyes, Moon mind, Mars blood circulation, Mercury heart, Jupiter intellect, Venus every juice and Saturn, Rahu and Ketu the stomach.

If Saturn is strong then there is special benefit in job and business. Household life goes on smoothly. But if there is an wrath of Shani, then the person gets angry over the matter. Decision power does not work, there is discord in the household and destruction in business.

Nowadays, research work is going on in Vedic research to protect the person from the malefic effects of chanting by chanting and by conducive to the position of the planets. Many Vedic scientists believe in karma, but not getting the expected results after enough work, they consider it to be a bad effect of planets.

They claim to remove not only domestic troubles, property disputes, obstacles in business and job, but also blood pressure, phlegm, cough and facial freckles by chanting.


Is the life giver of the earth, but a cruel planet, it accelerates human nature. When this planet is weak, there are diseases like headache, eye disease and typhoid etc. But if the Sun is in an exalted sign, then power gives happiness, material and wealth. If the wrong effects of the Sun are being exposed, then fasting on the day of the Sun i.e. Sunday and wearing Ruby, Laldi, Tamra or Mahsuri gemstone can be done.

To make the sun favorable, one lakh 47 thousand times should be duly chanted by the mantra- ‘Om Ham Houm Saha Suryay Namah’. Little by little this lesson can be completed in several days.


Is an auspicious planet but its result is also inauspicious. If the Moon is exalted then the person gets immense fame and opulence, but if it is debilitated then the person is surrounded by diseases like cough, nausea, cold. To make the effect of Moon favorable, fast on Monday and white food items should be consumed. Topaz and pearls can be worn. The mantra ‘Om Shram Shrim Shram Saha Chandraya Namah’ should be chanted 2 lakh 31 thousand times.


It is a mighty planet. He has authority over all the three zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. This fight-sparring is the motivator of riots. It causes diseases like bile, air, blood pressure, ear disease, itching, stomach, raj, piles etc. If Mars is debilitated in the horoscope then it causes destruction.

Major accidents, earthquakes, drought are also considered to be symbols of the ill effects of Mars, but if Mars is exalted, then that person is playful in sex, tamoguni and rich in personality. They also buy immeasurable assets. Coral can be worn to make the effect of Mars favorable. Donating food items in a copper vessel and chanting the mantra ‘Om Kram Krem Krum Saha Bhaumay Namah’ 2 lakh 10 thousand times can be beneficial.

Diseases occur according to the part of the body each planet represents, as Venus is a symbol of sex, then all sexual diseases are caused by the inauspiciousness of Venus. The inauspiciousness of Mercury gives heart disease. Jupiter gives troubles related to intelligence. Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are the lords of abdomen, hence their inauspiciousness causes stomach disorders.

Planets and Diseases: [ Best astrologer in Delhi with fees ]


Pain of knees or feet, physical weakness, pain and abdominal pain, teeth, skin, fracture, muscles, paralysis, cough, deafness, asthma, dyspepsia, nervous disorder, cough and diseases related to eyes.


Pitta, eye diseases, complexion, stomach, burning, heart disease, neurology, bone diseases, leprosy, fever, fainting, bleeding, epilepsy, uncontrolled heartbeat, blood pressure, diseases related to the head.


Liver, kidney, spleen, diabetes, jaundice, loss of memory, tongue, calf, marrow defect, liver, jaundice, obesity, dental disease, brain disorder, stomach gas, lung, ear related diseases.


Heat, liver, ulcer, leprosy, itching, toxic disease, neck, mumps, blood pressure, urine, tumor, cancer, ulcer, diarrhea, accidental bleeding, piles, cuts, abscesses, fever, fire, injury, stomach , canker, gall stomach, boils, diseases related to blood.


Heart, lungs, left eye, insomnia, asthma, diarrhea, anemia, blood disorders, vomiting, kidney, diabetes, dropsy, appendix, phlegm, urinary disorders, mouth, nostrils, jaundice, mental, diseases related to heart and eyes.


Chest, Nerves, Nose, Oral diseases, Chickenpox, Fracture, Fever, Anomalous, Itching, Mumps, Typhoid, Insanity, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Ulcer, Indigestion, Skin disease, Hysteria, Pneumonia, Typhoid fever, Jaundice, Dizziness , speech defects, nervous diseases, weakness of the nerves, diseases related to tongue and teeth.


Impotence, vision, genital, urinary, secret diseases, dyspepsia, throat diseases, endocrine glands, epilepsy, jaundice, ringworm, itching, skin related diseases.


brain disorders, insanity, liver disorders, sudden injury, accident, weakness, smallpox, stomach worms, fall from height, leprosy, severe pain, toxic problems, physical distress from animals or animals, cancer, fever, brain-related diseases.


Allergy, airborne diseases, blood defects, skin diseases, joint pain, lethargy, indolent, dream defects, body injury, wound, accidental disease, trouble, dog bite, spine, sugar, ear, hernia, genital, blood defect related diseases.

Mars gives this disease: [ Best astrologer in Delhi with fees ]

eye disease.
high blood pressure.
There are boils.
Wounded or hurt.
Frequent fever keeps on coming.
The body keeps vibrating.
tones in the kidneys.
Man’s physical strength decreases.
Visibility can stop with one eye.
Body joints do not work.
Mars causes blood-related diseases. There is a lack of blood or inaccuracy.
Difficulty in having children. Even if they do, children are born and die.

Since ancient times, the knowledge of knowing diseases through astrology is prevalent in our country. The position of the planets in the horoscope gives information about the diseases occurring throughout life. To know the diseases occurring in life, many sources have been given in our scriptures for astrological analysis.

Disease Thoughts in Astrology:

sixth place
planetary positions
zodiac signs
Quote analysis:

First House: From the first house, there is the idea of physical sufferings and health.
Second House: Second house is indicative of age.
Third house: Age is considered from the third house.
Sixth house: For health, disease. The factor of sixth house is Mars, Mercury.
Seventh House: Seventh house is indicative of age.
Eighth house: The karaka house of the eighth house is Saturn and Mars. This house gives the idea of disease causing age and death.
Twelfth house: The twelfth house is the place of treatment of diseases along with loss of physical strength.
Diseases from the position of the lord of the house:

There may be pain in the concerned part of the house in which the lord of sixth, eighth and twelfth house is situated.
If the lord of any house is situated in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, then there is pain in the organs related to that house.
Causes of diseases:

Position of Ascendant and Ascendant is inauspicious.
Moon is weak or weak or if the malefic planets are sitting in the Moon ascendant.
There is an effect of sinful or inauspicious planets on the ascendant, Moon and Sun only.

Malefic planets are stronger than the auspicious planets.

How to make Mars happy and prosperous

Do devotion to Hanumanji. Read Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan, etc.
In the event of bad Mars, white-colored surma should be put in the eyes.
Jaggery should be eaten.
Good relations with brothers and friends should be maintained. Do not get angry.
Toss fennel in red cloth and keep it in the bedroom.
Make sweet food available to the brothers.
Monkeys should be fed jaggery and gram.
Serve the cow by feeding it with fodder and water.
Wear red clothes on the cow.
People suffering from Mars should not be angry.
Take control of yourself, do not lose your temper.
Do not show haste in any task.
Should not indulge in any kind of addictions. * Donate copper, wheat, and jaggery, red cloth, and matches.
Donate sweet bread from the oven.
Rewind and wildflowers in flowing water.
Donate lentils to charity.
Donate flags and chalas at Hanuman temple.

Note: Some of these remedies may also give opposite results. One should not take measures without a thorough examination of the horoscope. Do these remedies only by showing a horoscope to the expert of a red book.

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