Best Astrologer In Delhi With Fees On Disease

Best astrologer in Delhi with fees on Disease

Astrology, an ancient practice that examines the positions and movements of celestial bodies, has long been used to gain insight into various aspects of human life. Among its many applications, astrology is believed to shed light on health and well-being, linking planetary positions to potential diseases. In this all-encompassing manual, we will explore the captivating realm of ailments attributed to planetary influences in astrology, featuring wisdom from the finest astrologer in Delhi. This expert brings a wealth of experience and profound expertise to the discussion.

Diseases Caused by Planets: Unraveling the Cosmic Connections

Diseases Caused by the Sun:

The Sun, a symbol of vitality and life force, is also associated with potential health concerns. According to astrological beliefs, an afflicted Sun can lead to issues related to the heart, spine, and overall vitality. The best astrologer in Delhi with fees can provide personalized insights into how the Sun's position in your birth chart may affect your health.

Diseases Caused by the Moon:

The Moon's influence on emotions and the subconscious is well-known, but it is also believed to impact physical well-being. Astrology suggests that a weak Moon could lead to conditions like insomnia, hormonal imbalances, and digestive problems. Consulting with an astrologer can help you understand how to mitigate these effects.

Diseases Caused by Mars:

Mars, the planet of energy and action, is associated with the blood and muscles in astrology. An afflicted Mars might contribute to issues like inflammation, high blood pressure, and accidents. The best astrologer in Delhi can offer insights into managing Mars-related health challenges through astrological remedies.

Diseases Caused by Mercury:

Mercury governs communication and intellect. When adversely placed, it can lead to conditions like anxiety, nervous disorders, and respiratory problems. Understanding the interplay of Mercury's position in your birth chart and its potential health implications can be beneficial.

Diseases Caused by Jupiter:

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, is linked to the liver, obesity, and metabolic disorders. An experienced astrologer in Delhi can analyze the position of Jupiter in your chart to provide guidance on maintaining good health and preventing potential issues.

Diseases Caused by Venus:

Venus is associated with pleasure, relationships, and beauty. In astrology, an afflicted Venus might contribute to issues like hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems, and skin disorders. Seeking insights from an astrologer can help you navigate Venus-related health concerns.

Diseases Caused by Saturn:

Saturn, often considered a strict taskmaster, governs bones, joints, and longevity. Its unfavorable placement can lead to issues like arthritis, depression, and chronic ailments. With the guidance of the best astrologer in Delhi, you can explore remedies to counteract Saturn's potential negative effects.

Diseases Caused by Rahu and Ketu:

Rahu and Ketu, shadowy planets with strong karmic influences, are believed to bring about unexpected health challenges. These could include mysterious illnesses, allergies, and mental health issues. Consulting an astrologer can provide insights into managing these unique planetary energies.

Insights from the Best Astrologer In Delhi With Fees

With years of experience and a deep understanding of astrology, the best astrologer in Delhi offers valuable insights into the intricate connections between planetary positions and health outcomes. By analyzing your birth chart, the astrologer can identify potential areas of concern and provide remedies to alleviate or mitigate health issues.


Astrology offers a unique lens through which to view health and well-being. While it's essential to approach astrological insights with an open mind, consulting with an experienced astrologer can provide you with valuable perspectives on potential health challenges and remedies. By understanding the intricate dance of celestial bodies and their impact on human life, you can take proactive steps towards maintaining your health and vitality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can astrology accurately predict specific diseases?

Astrology provides insights into potential health vulnerabilities based on planetary positions, but it does not offer specific disease diagnoses.

Q: Are astrological remedies effective in preventing diseases?

Astrological remedies, such as wearing gemstones and performing rituals, are believed to help manage planetary influences and promote well-being. However, they should complement medical advice, not replace it.

Q: How often should I consult an astrologer regarding my health?

Periodic consultations, especially during significant planetary transits, can help you stay informed about potential health challenges and remedies.

Q: Can astrology identify genetic health conditions?

Astrology can indicate predispositions to certain health conditions, but it cannot diagnose specific genetic issues.

Q: What if I don't believe in astrology?

Belief in astrology is a personal choice. If you're curious, consulting an astrologer might provide you with insights and perspectives.

Q: How can I find the best astrologer in Delhi with reasonable fees?

Research online reviews, ask for recommendations, and check the astrologer's credentials before making a decision.

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