Guru Effects On The 12 Rashi’s

Guru effects on the 12 Rashis

Here’s a list of effects of Guru on all the zodiac signs by the  best astrologer in Delhi:


Guru’s influence will be good. An increase in influence, knowledge, interest in religion will increase. Administrative capacity will expand. An important post can also be found. There will be a mixed-income situation. You will experience some difficulties in married life. Will be benefited from the might. Be careful in partnership. Brothers will be supported.


You will get success on enemies by your strong policies. It would be better if you do not take a loan. While external relations will benefit, travel is important for important work or religious work. It is time for the jobber to run sensibly. There will be financial savings but there will also be spending on the family.


Will spend in the matters of children. Students should keep their attention on class education. There will be expenditure on entertainment equipment. If you earn honestly, you will get a good income. Faith in religion will increase. Thought will be completed and you will climb the ladder of success with self-effort. An important post can be found.


There will be a mixed situation in family matters. May have to be spent due to auspicious works. Reputation will also increase with success in matters of politics. There will be a beneficial situation for the employees. There will be a progressive time in business. Health will be fine. External relations will be beneficial.

Leo sign:

Pay attention to too-much valor and avoid carelessness. Take the cooperation of brothers. Be vigilant in matters of partnership. With luck, you will get relief. Will remain active in religious affairs. Special work and will get new responsibilities. There will be a mixed situation in married life. The economic situation will improve.

Virgo zodiac:

One has to be careful in matters of money. There may be expenses in family matters. Will have to be restrained in speech. Health will be fine. There is a possibility of benefit from secret affairs. In government affairs, self-efforts will be successful. Time is the right time for servicemen. Politics will benefit you.

Libra zodiac:

Time to work carefully. Make any decision carefully. Married life will be pleasant. It will be a pleasant situation for business people associated with daily business. Time will benefit but negligence will be avoided. Take care of the matters of children.


Be careful about external matters. Be careful while traveling. The influence will remain on the enemy side. A favorable situation will prevail due to the support of the maternal grandfather and maternal grandfather. There will be relief from the debt situation. Be careful in family matters. There may be a dispute with the mother. Health will be fine.


You have to be careful in financial matters. Avoid earning money in unethical ways, otherwise, you can get into trouble. Will get child happiness. Time will be right for the students. Can be spent on entertainment. Have faith in hard work and concentrate on work. Be cautious in partnership. Marriage changes will increase for the unmarried.


Walk carefully in business. Employees should take care of their work and take the help of the officer. People associated with politics have to be careful. In cases of family, you have to be careful. Be cautious in financial matters. Time will be pleasant in family matters. Good work will also be done.


In cases of fate, success will come after interruptions. Interest in religious matters will be less. Will have to take help from my father. The support of the child side will be there, while the time will be pleasant for the students. You will get success in your work through hard work. Brothers and friends will be supported.


Care should be taken in matters of health. Impact reduction will be encountered. People related to politics, employment, and trade-business should also be careful. Risk actions have to be avoided.

Guru’s Remedy: In the Guru is inauspicious then, donate fodder to the cow. Give 5 bananas to any poor girl on Thursday. Wear a topaz after consulting with a learned astrologer. Women should have turmeric. Thus the inauspicious effect of Guru can be avoided.