Best Jyotish In Delhi On Vehicle Purchase

Best Jyotish In Delhi on Vehicle purchase

The Best Jyotish In Delhi agrees that everyone in the world is to have a house of his own and have his own vehicle.

Let us know which yogas of the horoscope can give you the happiness of vehicle and home and

what can be done to get them.

To buy or build your house, Moon and Mars should be strong in

the horoscope as per the leading Best Jyotish In Delhi.

* Those who have a strong fourth house in their horoscope, their house will definitely be built. The number of

strong planets in the fourth house will be the same for the native, but if Rahu is in the fourth house,

then he will not be able to enjoy the happiness of his house. The house may be luxurious but stay in the government house itself.

The better the Venus, the more luxurious the house will be, it will be grand.

* If Mars is debilitated as well as suffering from Rahu, then the house will not be beautiful and

you will not get happiness by staying at home.

According to the Best Jyotish In Delhi, if the moon is bad, then there is trouble in building a house and

parents do not get support.

Remedy :-

Always keep a silver choker piece in your place of worship.

Wear gold, silver, and copper rings of these three metals in the ring finger.

11 Tuesday Distribute sweets to the poor.

If there is an effect of Rahu, then take out the garbage from the house.

Remove defective electronics items from home and worship Maa Durga or Bhairav.

Rahu does not allow a person to buy a vehicle even if he wants to.

If Venus and the fourth house are weak, then even after having the power, a person cannot buy a vehicle.

Rahu-Saturn-Mars affect the fourth house, then the engine of the car gets damaged very often, that is, the car stays in the garage for most of the time, if the moon is bad, then the driving is not right and accidents happen.


Never take a car of the color of the guilty planet, debilitated planet, Marrakesh. If Mars and Saturn are bad, then do not buy a car of black, red, and blue colors. Do not take the vehicle number against the date of birth. Donate iron.

The simplest solution is to first worship the vehicle of the deity in any temple. For example, worship Nandi in Shiva temple, mouse in Ganesh temple, lion in Durga temple, and later the idol.

Follow these tips from the best Best Jyotish In Delhi.

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