Astrologers Near Me On Yogas

Astrologers Near Me on Yogas

Astrologers Near Me says that Muhurat Martand, Muhurta Ganapati, Muhurta Chintamani, Muhurta Parijat, Dharma Sindhu, Decision Sindhu, etc. are scriptures regarding auspicious Muhurta or Yoga. The main 5 things are taken care of in the Hindu calendar. The calendar develops on the basis of these five. These 5 things are – 1. Date, 2. Var, 3. Nakshatra, 4. Yoga and 5. Karan.


What is Yoga? [ Astrologers Near Me ]

The positions of particular distances of the Sun and Moon are called Yoga. There are 27 types of yoga. The names of the 27 Yogas formed on the basis of distances are respectively:

1. Vishkumbha, 2. Preity, 3. Ayushman, 4. Luck, 5. Shobhan, 6. Attigand, 7. Sukarma, 8. Dhriti, 9. Shul, 10.gund, 11.growth, 12.drop, 13.violence, 14.drug, 15.vajra, 16.siddhi, 17.vartipat, 18.variyan, 19.varish, 20.shiva, 21.siddha 22. Sadhya, 23. Shubh, 24. Sukhla, 25. Brahm, 26. Indra and 27. Vaidhriti.

What is Inauspicious yoga?[ Astrologers Near Me ]

As per the Astrologers Near Me, out of 27 yogas, a total of 9 yogas are considered inauspicious and it is advised to avoid them in all auspicious works. These are the 9 inauspicious yogas- Vishkumbh, Atiagand, Shul, Gand, Vyagara, Vajra, Vyatipatha, Paridha, and Vidyriti.

What to do inauspicious yoga?[ Astrologers Near Me ]

According to yoga, you can do auspicious or auspicious work according to yoga. Different totals have been determined for each task. It is auspicious to travel inauspicious yoga, to enter the home, to start new work, to get married, etc.

1. Vishkumbh Yoga:

This yoga is considered a pot filled with poison, hence its name is Vishkumbh Yoga. Just as poison is slowly filled in the whole body after drinking poison, similarly any work done in this yoga is similar to poison, that is, the results of the work done in this yoga are inauspicious.

2. Preeti Yoga:

As its name is Preeti Yoga, it means that this yoga spreads mutual love. Often, success is achieved by making efforts in Priti Yoga to promote peace, to make love marriages, and to convince your friends and relatives. Apart from this, this yoga is also auspicious for settling fights or compromising. Work done in this yoga gives respect.

3. Ayushman Yoga:

In Indian culture, for the long life of someone, give him the blessings of Ayushyaman. It means to say that the work done in this yoga keeps giving auspicious results for a long time or their effect lasts for a long time. The work done in this yoga is pleasing throughout life.

4. Saubhagya Yoga:

This yoga is always auspicious. According to the name, it is going to increase luck. Marriage in this yoga leads to a happy married life. That is why this Mangal Dayak Yoga is also called. People get the Muhurta done, but they do not get tied in the Pranay Sutra at the time of correct yoga. Therefore, the process of getting married in the bond of marriage should be completed in Saubhagya Yoga for a happy married life.

5. Shobhan Yoga:

This yoga is considered best for going on auspicious tasks and traveling. The journey started in this yoga is auspicious and pleasant. There is no inconvenience on the way, the desire with which one travels is also fulfilled and there is a feeling of joy. That is why this yoga is also called very elegant and delightful.

6. Attigund:

This yoga is considered very sad. The work done in this yoga is painful. The work done in this yoga produces deception, despair, and depression. Therefore, no auspicious or auspicious work should be done in this yoga, nor should any new work be started.

7. Sukarma Yoga:

As the name itself suggests, auspicious work should be done in this yoga. According to the belief, join a new job in this yoga or organize some religious work at home. There is no hindrance in the work done in this yoga and the work is auspicious. This yoga is very good for taking the name of God or performing the act.

8. Dhriti Yoga:

Dhriti yoga is considered best for laying the foundation stone, ground worship or foundation stone of a building and place. The foundation stone laid in this yoga gives lifelong comforts, that is, if the foundation of a house is laid for living in this yoga, then a person lives in that house and enjoys a happy life, receiving all the comforts.

9. Shool Yoga:

Shool is a type of weapon and its stinging causes very heavy pain. Like a sharp fork. There is sorrow everywhere due to the work done in this yoga. By the way, no work is ever completed in this yoga, but if it is completed after suffering many problems, then it keeps on producing a prick in the heart like colic. Therefore, do not do any work in this yoga, otherwise, you will be regretful throughout your life.

10. Gand:

Every task done in this yoga will create obstacles and that work will never be successful nor will any matter ever be solved. The matter will continue to get entangled. The work done by this yoga is entangled in such a way that the person gets tired of solving it but never gets that matter right. Therefore, before starting any new work, you should meditate on Gand Yoga.

11. Vridhi:

As its name is growth. The work done in this yoga only increases. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a new job or business, then this yoga is the best. There is neither any hindrance nor any quarrel in the work done in this yoga.

12. Dhruva Yoga:

Any static work such as building a building or building etc. gives success in this yoga. But any unstable work like taking a vehicle or vehicle is not right in this yoga.

13. Viyyaghat Yoga:

Any kind of shock or stroke. If any work is done in this yoga, then there will be obstacles as well as the person will also have to bear the shock. If a person goes for the benefit of someone in this yoga, then he will also suffer loss. Even if there is a mistake in this yoga, then even his brothers and brothers leave him thinking that he has done this deliberately.

14. Hridhana Yoga:

Harsha means happiness, happiness. Therefore, the work is done in this yoga only provides happiness. However, in this yoga, one should not perform phantom deeds i.e. deeds celebrating fathers.

15. Vajra Yoga:

Vajra means harsh. Vehicles etc. are not purchased in this sum, otherwise, it may cause loss or accident. In this yoga, buying gold is stolen and if the cloth is bought, it soon bursts or gets spoiled.

16. Siddhi Yoga:

This yoga is very good for attaining any kind of accomplishment, chanting the Lord’s name. Whatever work will be started in this yoga will be proven, that is, it will be successful.

17. Vyavitipat Yoga:

The harm done by the work done in this yoga is a loss. Because of this, the work done in this yoga causes heavy losses. Even if someone does good to you or it will be bad.

18. Variyan Yoga:

If you are going to do auspicious work, do it in yoga called Variyan, it will surely be successful. However, Pitra Karma is not done in any way in this yoga.

19. Paridha Yoga:

In this yoga, the work done against the enemy is successful, that is, victory over the enemy is assured.

20. Shiv Yoga:

Shiva means auspicious. This yoga is very auspicious. All the mantras performed in this yoga are auspicious. If the name of God is taken in this yoga, then you get success.

21. Siddha Yoga:

One is Siddhi Yoga and the other is Siddha Yoga. If you are thinking of learning any task, then if you start in this yoga, it will be proven. This yoga is the best yoga to take mantra initiation from the Guru and chant the mantra.

22. Sadhya Yoga:

If you want to learn knowledge or any method from someone, then this yoga is very good. It takes a lot of minds to learn or do work in this yoga and you get complete success.

23. Shubh Yoga:

Doing any kind of great or public interest is beneficial in this yoga. By doing some work in this yoga, a person becomes great and attains fame.

24. Shukla Yoga:

You must have heard the name of Shukla Paksha. As long as the rising moon is visible in the sky, there is a Shukla Paksha. Therefore, this yoga is considered as Mathur moonlight night, that is, as the moonlight rains clearly, in the same way, success is definitely found in the work. In this yoga, the blessings of the Guru or God are definitely rainy and the mantras are also proved.

25.Brahma Yoga:

If you want to do some peaceful work, then this yoga is very good and if someone’s quarrel is to be solved, then this yoga gives success.