Indian Astrology By Date Of Birth

Indian Astrology by Date of Birth

Indian astrology by date of birth 

This secret is hidden in your birth! Know in this way what will bring you success

Apart from the special things related to any person, his future is calculated through astrology. For this, along with the position of the planets at the time of the person's birth, the current planetary condition is considered to be the main contributor. But many times it also happens that we do not remember the time of birth or it becomes weak to an extent, due to which the correct condition is not known.

In this regard, if you have forgotten the time, then people also take the help of numerology. But if there is any problem in spite of this, then people also try to get information about your future from palms. But the main obstacle in this is that you or the person you are asking should have complete knowledge of palmistry.

There is also a situation in which without knowing the time of birth and without knowing the palmistry, you can know a lot about not only yourself, but also the nature and career direction of your companions and friends.

In the matter of seeing the future of someone, as much as the date of birth of a person is important, equally important is the month of birth. Because every month has its own speciality, whose effect is visible on the nature of every person.

1. The month of January

People born in this month are hasty in their work, due to which they sometimes even do their harm. Sun and Saturn have a special effect on them. At the same time, it is also believed that people born in this month are experts in the field of art. Along with this, it is also seen that people born in this month are sometimes negligent in their work.

Remedy: It is believed that by offering water to the Sun, all the troubles are removed from the people born in this month.

2. The month of February

This month is the second month of the year, in such a situation, people born in February are blessed by Venus. According to astrology, due to the planet Venus being the factor of luck in the life of any person, it is also considered a factor of material comforts. People born in this month can accomplish any task with great ease and ease.

But there is also a problem with the people born in this month that many times they are unable to change themselves according to the time, which sometimes becomes a problem for them.

Apart from being very hardworking people born in this month, it is often seen that these people easily attract others towards themselves with their art, speech.

Remedy: These people should offer water to Lord Shiva daily to overcome their troubles and worship Goddess Lakshmi.

3. The month of March

According to the belief, people born in this month dedicated to Jupiter, the guru of the gods, are benevolent and stay ahead in the works of religion. It is believed that people born in this month are of stubborn nature. These people consider the things said by them as a line of stone. However, sometimes this habit becomes an obstacle in the way for them.

Remedy: The person born in this month should chant the thousand names of Lord Vishnu, according to the belief, by doing so, the stalled work of the person gets accomplished quickly.

4. The month of April

It is believed that the special grace of Mars is on the people born in this month, that is, Mars is very auspicious for this person. Due to all this, people born in this month are energetic and have a stubborn nature. Such people make a lot of progress in the fields of sports etc.

Remedy: Worshiping Maa Durga by these people never brings any problem to them, as well as if the people born in this month touch their mother's feet daily, then it is believed that there is no financial problem in the life of the person.

5. Month of May

The Sun of people born in this month is often exalted, as a result of which they become elevated to a high position with great ease and less effort. At the same time, it has also been seen that the people born in this month have more faith in themselves, which sometimes drowns them.

6. The month of June

People born in this month, due to their temperamental nature, many times they themselves harm their work. It is often seen that such people do their own great harm through their actions and speech.

Remedy: A person born in this month should try to please the moon and the sun with full respect to the mother and father.

7. The month of July

These people born in this month have a very clear mind, but they are also very emotional and stubborn in nature. There is no feeling of anger or resentment in their mind towards anyone. Such people get private jobs very quickly, as well as their progress in this job is also very quick.

People born in this month should keep their parents happy, they should take care that they should not do any such work which will hurt their parents.

Remedy: These natives should praise Lord Shiva.

8. August month

It is believed that Venus and Saturn have a mixed effect on the people born in this month. Such people get quick success in media, film, advocacy and administrative jobs. They are very good at turning anything on their side. Their cleverness can be seen clearly from their speech.

But sometimes because of this they also get defeated. Such people know how to use someone well for the benefit of their friends.

Remedy: To get prosperity in life, these people should observe every Saturday. One should worship Shani by going to the temple.

9. The month of September

People born in this month dedicated to Mercury are very successful in politics. He can turn anyone around with his quirky words. The people born in this month use their intelligence a lot. They have little control over their wasteful expenditure. There is no equal to them in matters of administrative service and justice.

Remedy: They should worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.

10. The month of October

Due to the auspicious effect of the moon, the mind of the people born in this month remains as cool as the moon. These people get success very quickly in terms of art and acting.

Remedy: To make life better, these people should praise Lord Shiva and distribute his prasad among children and elders.

11. The month of November

People born in this month are considered very strong in intelligence. These people take great pride in their speech. Such people are considered adept at sarcasm with jokes. But apart from being mostly shy in nature, they are also quite straightforward. At the same time, some of them know well to use someone for their benefit. They get success very quickly in the field of education.

Remedy: The people born in this month should worship Maa Saraswati along with touching the feet of their parents every day.

12. The month of December

People born in this month are very successful in the field of defense. It is believed that Venus and Mars have a mixed effect on people. Such people are love-loving.

Remedy: Such people should worship Hanuman ji because the worship of Hanuman ji removes all their problems.