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list of famous astrologers Bhava Karaktva

List of famous astrologers :-The factors of different houses of the horoscope (Bhava Karaktva)

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The causal thought is the most important link in the prediction. Many times when the person tells the problem, the new astrologers do not even know from which house or planet to see it. In such a situation, according to all the factors that are immediately in mind, astrologers try to present their conclusions.

Sometimes it is not even clear where to find the answer to the question in the horoscope. In such a situation, only the emotional factors tell us where to find the answer to which question. The book I found most helpful in this was Hemwanta Nemasa Katve.

His causality thought book contains so many factors that it seems that every question can be answered. After reading KS Krishnamurthy’s Second Reader after Katve, it seemed that every question can be answered with astrology, provided you know about the factor in detail. Here I am trying to explain the factors of expressions.

List of famous astrologers on Factors of 1st house –

The karaka of this house is Sun. This is the most important sentiment. The primary information of the person’s condition is obtained from the zodiac sign of this house, the planet sitting in it, and the position of its ruling planet. This is the most important house to know the soul of the person as compared to other houses. In answer to any question in the birth chart or horoscope of the person, his health, vitality, collectivity, personality, self-confidence, self-respect, self-light, soul, etc. are seen. The answer to every question has to be seen first.

Factors of 2nd house –

The karaka of this house is Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, it is called wealth house. This gives an eye to the bank account, family background, in many cases. Apart from this, it tells about resources, moral values, and virtues.

Factors of 3rd house –

The karaka of this house is Mars. It is also called an easy gesture. This is the feeling that gives strength to the horoscope. It is usually overlooked, but this feeling is very powerful for people who do something with the strength of their arms, just opposite fate. Intellectual development, bold ideas, strong voice, effective speech, and other modes of communication will be seen from this house. The same sentiment will be observed for the younger brother as well.

Factors of 4th house –

Its karaka is Moon. This is the house of happiness. How much peace there is in someone’s house will be known by this feeling. Apart from this, this house gives strong indications in questions like mother’s health and when will the house be built. For points like home giving peace, feeling of security, emotional peace, family love, we have to look at the fourth house.

Factors of the fifth house –

Its factor is Jupiter. It can also be called a production house. What a man produces will come from this spirit. This may include disciples, sons, and even patented discoveries. Sincere research will also be seen from this. Honestly, I mean such research, from which something new is coming out for the student or subject. Apart from this, it is necessary to see this house to know the points like joyful creation, happy children, success, investment, the joy of life, good deeds.

list of famous astrologers on Factors of 6th house –

The karaka of this house is Mars. It is also called the home of disease. Twelfth from the seventh house of love is the house of expenses. Enemy and enmity are also seen in this sense. This house indicates hard work, laborious livelihood, health, wounds, bleeding, burns, surgery, depression, aging, exercise, regular schedule.

Factors of 7th house –

Its factor is Venus. This house seeing the Ascendant tells about any kind of partner. This sentiment will be observed for two people going along the road, for two students sharing the table for practical, for two people living together in the same problem. Subjects like a life partner, close friends, beauty, elegance are related to this house. For all the opposite sex. How we will see homosexuals, is not clear yet, but if such a horoscope comes, then I will try to see the seventh house of both.

Factors of the Eighth House –

Its karaka is Saturn. Naturally, secret activities, unresolved matters, age, slow pace of work will be seen from this. Apart from this, the use of other’s resources in the creation, the ground realities of life, this is the sentiment for tantra-mantra.

Factors of 9th house –

Its factor is also Jupiter. It is also called the house of luck. The virtuous deeds done in the previous birth are combined with destiny in this birth. This feeling tells us when and how much we can get more than our hard work and expectation. Qualities like religion, spirituality, dedication, blessings, intellectual development, love for truth, guiding are also seen in it.

Factors of the tenth house –

Its karaka planets are more. The tenth house is ruled by Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. We become what we think. This feeling is the feeling that converts our thinking into action. Every kind of karma will be inspired by the tenth house. The only compulsion is that the action should be ours. It does not tell about the reaction. Work like professional success, reputation, fame, leadership, writing, speech, successful organization, administration, skill-sharing tells this house.

Factors of the eleventh house –

Its karaka is also Jupiter. It is mostly a feeling of achievement. This house collects up to income, fame, honor, and good luck. If we do something, how much fruit we will get or not get for that action, it makes it more clear. It is a collection of karma. Achievement can happen in any field. Patience, growth, and success are also seen in this sense.

Factors of the twelfth house by list of famous astrologers:-

Its karaka is Saturn. This is the house of expenses. Every kind of expenditure, physical, mental, money, and whatever may be spent will all come from this. The cost of education is also in this sense. For this reason, Jupiter sitting in the twelfth house is better than the eleventh house because Saraswati has a reverse movement, the more you collect, the less it will be and the more you spend, the more it will increase. Apart from this, external relations, foreign travel, patience, meditation, and salvation will be seen from this house.

These factors can be used in the same way in Jataka Kundali and Prashna Kundali. Even though these factors may not prove to be so useful for the common people, but this compilation of factors will definitely prove to be useful for the seekers who are fond of astrology and study.