Astrologer In Munirka Lajward Stone

astrologer in munirka lajward stone

emoves the pain of Saturn and Rahu-Ketu by astrologer in munirka:

In Gem astrology, the description of nine main gems of nine planets and their hundreds and thousands of sub-Ratna is found. Wearing them according to the planets, one gets freedom from the pain of those planets.
In Ratna Shastra, it is advised to wear Sapphire for Saturn, Onyx for Rahu, and Lashunia for Ketu, but if all the three planets are bad, instead of wearing three gems, one gemstone is worn, which will relieve the pain of all the three planets. With that comes liberation. That gem is Lajvarta. In English, it is called Lapis Lazuli.
How is lajvart
Lajvarta is a solid, smooth, opaque, dark blue colored gemstone. In this, some stripes of light blue color are also found along with blue. Somewhere it has been said about its color that its color is like the blue color of the peacock’s neck. Lajvarta is worn during the affliction of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. If these three planets in the horoscope are corrupted and causing pain, then wearing them is very beneficial.
Benefits of wearing Lajvarta by astrologer in munirka
Lajvarta eliminates all the doshas and bad effects of Saturn and Rahu-Ketu.
Wearing Lajvarta is beneficial if accidents are happening again and again.
It protects against sudden monetary loss and health problems.
Lajvarta helps to remove the evil eye, witchcraft, negative energy.
Due to Rahu-Ketu, Pitra Dosh is also created. Wearing Lajvarta pacifies Pitru Dosh.
If there is a hindrance in business-business or job, then it is appropriate to wear Lajvarta.
It also works to keep the mind calm. Mental stability comes from Lajvarta.
Wearing it removes financial constraints, obstacles coming in the arrival of money are removed.
Those who have solar eclipse or lunar eclipse defects in their birth chart should also wear it.
If there is no blessing in the house, if the members have tension and depression, then hang Lajvarta’s garland in the west direction of the house.
How to wear lajward stone
The most auspicious day to wear Lajvarta is Saturday. It can be worn by making it in a silver ring or locket. A garland of pearls of Lajvarta can also be worn around the neck or its bracelet can also be worn. Place the ring in the middle finger on the right hand.
Before wearing, keep the ring or locket immersed in mustard or sesame oil for five hours. After this, put on a blue cloth and chant a rosary of the mantra Om Pram Prim Praunsah Shanaye Namah. Do incense-lamp, naivedya. Wear it by wiping it with a cloth.

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