Astrologers In Delhi NCR On Lakshmi

Astrologers in delhi NCR on Lakshmi

In today’s era, the most important task as per Astrologers in Delhi NCR of obtaining money. Many people are such that for some unknown reason there is a hindrance in their wealth. With these measures (regular) , you can make the permanent residence of Lakshmi in your home-

Lakshmi continues…………..

(1) In a house where there is a recitation of Sri-Sukta or Lakshmi-Sukta regularly or on every Friday,

there is the abode of permanent Lakshmi.
(2) Applying sea salt once a week brings peace to the house. All the negative energy of the house is

exhausted and there are no quarrels in the house and Lakshmi’s abode is permanent.
(3) The house should be cleaned on every Amavasya. Sell ​​waste and put five incense sticks in the temple of the house.
(4) The religious spirit is generated by burning the pint of the Kande on every full moon

108 times with a mantra.
(5) Put the gourd by burning the stems of the conde and rotate the smoke throughout the

house twice a month.
(6) If you light a lamp of ghee by offering plain water in Peepal on Thursday and burn a lamp of mustard

oil by offering jaggery and milk mixed water to Peepal on Saturday, you will never be financially troubled.
(By regularizing any one, two, or three of these measures, you will be able to achieve financial prosperity permanently.)

What man does not do for wealth, grain, happiness, prosperity, success, Barkat, and peace.

Let the Astrologers in delhi ncr tell you today that the infallible measures of silver. If you have these five silver items at home or you have, then no power in the world will stop you from moving forward and becoming rich.

1. Silver glass must be kept at home and water should also be drunk from it. By drinking water from a glass of silver and keeping it in the house, the wrath of Rahu and Ketu never comes.
2. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a silver elephant in the house gives a lot of profit in the business and the business never goes into loss.
3. Wearing a silver ring, chain, or silver bracelet removes the latency in marriage.
4. Placing a square piece of silver in the pocket solves the problem in the job and gets the job as soon as possible.
5. Keeping a solid silver bullet in the purse also keeps the sweetness in the relationship. This pill keeps away negative forces.

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