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Business astrologer Eleventh House of Income

Eleventh House from Business astrologer :Income and expenditure are important among the basic elements of life. We all are curious to know how our income will be and what will be the position of accumulation. All these things are known from the eleventh and twelfth houses respectively. The eleventh house is considered to be the house of income and the eleventh house of expenditure is called the house of income.

This house is the result of the actions performed in the tenth house as per Business astrologer. When this house is strong, a person gets full benefits from his actions. The financial condition of the person remains good. Hope keeps on flowing in the mind of the person. It is easy to fulfill the normal necessities of life. Today’s era is called Artha Yuga. 

That is why the importance of money has increased in life. Therefore, the importance of the income house ie the eleventh house has also become more. Everyone wants to know how their income will be. Information about this subject is available only from the eleventh house. 

Eleventh House of Income – 2

The place of the eleventh house in our body is considered to be the ears and the calves of the feet. It is seen for higher education and the foreign travel of younger siblings. The long-term illness of the mother is considered from this place because the eleventh house is the eighth house from the mother’s place i.e. the fourth house. Any kind of accident that happens to the mother is also considered from this house. 

The short distance journey of the father is also related to this house. If there is an idea to change the vehicle, then the eleventh house is calculated in that situation also. You can see this house to know about the success of the child. Being twelfth from the twelfth position is also seen for a reduction in expenses. 

As per Business astrologer the twelfth place is called the home of the hospital. The twelfth house is seen for the death bed. But from the eleventh house, the idea of freedom from disease is considered. If an object is lost or a person has left the house, then the eleventh house is seen to know the related things in this subject. 

Eleventh House of Income – 3

The twelfth place would have been the place of sorrow. The eleventh house brings a reduction in all the subjects which are met by this house. The place is given in the verandah or terrace of the house. When the house of income is disturbed, there is a possibility of getting direction defects in the items kept in the verandah of the house. 

The eleventh house is second from the tenth place (karma). Therefore, the profit or income derived from actions is seen from the eleventh house. The eleventh house is the most important house in relation to the attainments that a person receives. It gives information about the achievements of a person earned by his efforts or personal actions, in Persian this house is called Yapti Khane. This house is also an anabolic space. 

The direction of this house is igneous (South-East).

Along with the second house, the eleventh house is also closely related to the economic condition of man. Whenever the eleventh house is in a strong position along with the second house in a horoscope, then the person becomes wealthy, successful, and enjoys many kinds of material comforts. 

Sin is the only effect alone, three five nine eleven; If Shani is with Bali, the effect will increase multiplied by eleven.” In the Lal Kitab, the number 11 of the horoscope has been called the place of Guru Asthan (go justice) or the foundation of human destiny.

The caste hall (income-earning-birth time) of a human being or the family of the person who belongs to the world and the ground of everyone’s gathered (mustharka) fortunes, is taken by every person with him.