Astrologer In Saket On Sun-Jupiter Conjunction

Astrologer in saket on Sun Jupiter conjunction

Astrologer in saket guides on the conjunction of Sun-Guru in Taurus ascendant makes the yoga of foreign travel in the twelfth house.

Sun will be the lord of the fourth house in Taurus ascendant which will be the lord of public, land, building, mother, chair, local political house. Guru being the lord of the eighth house will also be the eleventh house. Guru’s eighth age, secret disease, death, fame are seen about income from being the same Ekadesh.

If the conjunction of Sun Guru is in the Ascendant, then such a person gets to benefit from his life partner but it is not beneficial for himself. It adversely affects health, little income keeps coming from self-efforts.

If Sun Jupiter is in the 2nd house, then Sun being of friend’s zodiac and Jupiter being equal, one will get benefit from the mother. You will also get success in the field of income. Family members get support. Gives benefits from a speech also, such a person is eloquent.

Sun-Jupiter conjunction continued,

If the Sun Jupiter is in the second house, then Jupiter will be exalted, while the Sun being even, there will be less benefit from the mother. On the other hand, there is some lack in the matters of happiness. Due to the exalted position of Jupiter, one can earn honesty in financial matters. There is some lack of luck in matters of luck.

Married life is fine, you get good success from your life partner. If Sun-Guru is in the fourth house, then such a person becomes successful in the work of mother, land, and public. Success comes in local politics. There is a good condition in matters of age.

He is the recipient of cooperation and benefits from external relations. If Sun-Guru is in the fifth house, then one is going to get good success in the matter of education, financial gain is also going to benefit from his discretion. Such a person is successful in any field.

If Sun-Guru is in the sixth house,

Then the Sun will be debilitated, while being in the enemy sign of Jupiter and Venus, there is a feeling of lack in financial matters and happiness. There is also a decrease in the health of the mother. External relations remain good.

If the Sun-Guru’s position is in the seventh, then one gets the support of his/her life partner, one gets the support of the brothers and the friends. Your own health is not good. If Sun-Guru is in the eighth, then there is a lack of income in matters. [ Astrologer in saket ]

There is some deficiency in happiness too, the age remains fine. Be careful when you are in the stock market. If the position of Sun-Guru is in the ninth, then there is an obstacle in the progress of fortune. There is cooperation from friends, brothers. There is a decrease in income.[ Astrologer in saket ]

Being in the tenth Sun-Guru, there is benefit from the mother, with some reduction in financial matters, there is a benefit. Due to the position of Sun-Guru in the eleventh house, there is benefit in financial matters, there is an increase in valor, cooperation from friends and life partner is also available.

There is also a benefit from the mother. If Sun-Guru is in the twelfth house, then it is beneficial from outside. Age is good, yogas are made for traveling abroad.

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