Know Which Zodiac Constellation And Direction For The Nine Planets From A Woman’s Perspective

Know which zodiac constellation and direction for the nine planets from a womans perspective

It is believed that as the prediction of palmistry are done from the reverse hand of women similarly we see the horoscope also differently because there are many variations in the horoscope of women. Which planet has its zodiac sign which constellation which war and which direction it has? Get to know from the best astrologer in Delhi.

Also for how many days he travels in a zodiac, it should be known so that its effect can also be known so today we know the information. Let us first understand the planets in general and then compare it to the women’s perspective

Sun Planet Day is Sunday

Direction is East
Zodiac is Leo
Zodiac excursion 30 days in each zodiac.
Nakshatra are Kritika Uttara Phalguni Uttarashada
High in Aries and low in Libra.

Moon Planet Day is Monday

Direction is Air
Zodiac is Cancer
Horoscope time of Two and a half days
Nakshatra are Rohini Hasta Shravan
High in Taurus Low in Scorpio.

Mars day is Tuesday

Direction is South
Zodiac signs are Aries and Scorpio
Star are mrigashira Chitra
Zodiac Travel time is One month in each zodiac.
High in Capricorn and low in Cancer.

Mercury Planet Day is Wednesday

Direction is East
Zodiac are Virgo and Gemini
Nakshatra are Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revathi
Horoscope timeline is of 25 days
Mercury high in Virgo, low in Pisces.

Guru Planet Day is Thursday

Direction is North East
Zodiac signs are Sagittarius and Pisces
Tour time is of thirteen months in one zodiac
Nakshatras are Purva Visakha Purva Bhadrapada
High in Guru Cancer low in Capricorn.

Venus Day is Friday

Direction is South East direction
Zodiac signs are Taurus and Libra.
Constellations are Bharani Purva Phalguni Purvashada.
Zodiac Travel Period is One month in each zodiac.
Virgo has low and Pisces is high.

Saturn Day is Saturday

Direction is Air
Zodiac sign Capricorn Aquarius
Nakshatra are Pushya Anuradha.
Zodiac excursion two and a half years in each zodiac
High in Libra and Aries is considered low

Rahu Shadow Planet day is Saturday

Direction is Southwest Nairatya.
Zodiacs are Virgo Rahu has no zodiac sign of its own it performs three functions on the planet it sits with.
Constellation are Ardra Swati Shatabhisha
Zodiac travel time months in one zodiac

Rahu is Gemini low Taurus high is Sagittarius and Scorpio is low in Scorpio.

Ketu Shadow Planet day is Tuesday

Direction is Aerial angle

Nakshatras are Ashwini Magha and Moola

Tour time is eighteen months in one zodiac

Ketu is high in Scorpio through Sagittarius, Gemini is low in Taurus from Taurus.

Let’s see what astrology means from a woman’s perspective as per the famous astrologer in Delhi

In the women’s horoscope, the position of the father from the ninth position or house and the husband from the seventh position or house is realized.

As a result of conception happiness sorrow honor and humiliation in the society is derived from the fourth house.
Lunar has more effect on the mind of women so if the ill-tempered lunar Saturn s lunar etc is weak and suffering sin the woman has to be humiliated and it also destroys the ability to produce children.

After the moon, Mars has the highest effect which is the factor of menstruation. Its ominous condition causes irregularities in menstruation and operations.

Woman’s perspective continues……………..

Venus is more dominant after moon and mars. Venus is a factor of abstinence pleasure love affairs sexual diseases and other pleasures. However, according to some scholars, Venus in male horoscope and Guru in female horoscope is more important. The woman whose horoscope in Jupiter is in an auspicious place and auspicious gets social dignity and worldly happiness easily.

Remedy of the leading astrology consultation specialist in delhi NCR says that If the woman keeps her master strong then the following remedy is not required much. Therefore moon mars and Venus greatly affect the life of a woman. In such a situation women should wear silver for the remedies of the said planets observe Ekadashi or Pradosh fast apply black antimony to the eyes and do measures for mars.

Woman’s perspective continues……………..

For the remedy of Venus keep yourself and home clean and keep a fast on Friday and take a bath with curd. Apart from this if a woman with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius is married to the male of Cancer Scorpio Pisces then it becomes very difficult to live together and isolation is certain if other yoga is inauspicious.

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