Best Astrologer In South Delhi Child’s Nature

Best astrologer in south Delhi child’s nature

Let’s now read the thoughts of the best astrologer in south Delhi These children of Sagittarius Lagna are very fond of roaming. The devil, without thinking of Udhami, stubborn, unworthy, is super courageous. There is no special interest in studies. It is necessary to control them, as they fall short of emotions. 

When children do not listen, do not listen, insist, or do not take interest in their studies, then it is natural for parents to be worried. But if you study the horoscope of the child especially the Lagna, then not only can there be systematic knowledge of the nature of the child, but how to explain them can also be known.
Knowledge of nature by Lagna as per astrology :-
Aries Lagna: The children of this Lagna are Satan, Udhami, quarrelsome, and fierce. It is common for them to be beaten and hurt. There is a possibility of head injury. Parents should not be furious when explaining these children. With patience, one should be patient.
Taurus Ascendant: These children naturally tend toward beauty. There is a desire to live well, eat, live a comfortable life. Often good in the art field, but also stubborn. These too can be explained with love.
Gemini Ascendant: These children are eager for every new thing, information, but being mindful, they lack concentration and have difficulty in reaching the goal. These children are verbose, ask more questions. They should try to increase their concentration.
Cancer Lagna: He is of calm nature, passionate, sharp intellect, and affectionate. At times, excessive emotionality leads to loss of concentration. It should be talked with them very calmly, choosing the right words.
Best astrologer in south Delhi  on Leo Ascendant: These children have many friends. You can even do harm to others. Has leadership skills. Love but can’t show By condemning their friends, you will not win from them, but they will go away.  
Virgo Ascendant: Calm, reticent, and attentive to studies, are hardworking. The toppers not only bother but even if they understand it with a scold. They are timid.
Libra Ascendant: Quiet, sober, obedient and studious. They take things to heart. Once you understand, you understand the matter.
Scorpio Ascendant: Conscious, possesses sharp intelligence. Has the ability and willingness to make independent decisions. The good and bad conditions of Mars can make them courageous or timid. In order to overcome them, it is necessary to show them faith, take them into confidence.
Dhanu Lagna: These children are very fond of roaming. The devil, without thinking of Udhami, stubborn, unworthy, is super courageous. There is no special interest in studies. It is necessary to control them, as they fall short of emotions.
Best astrologer in south Delhi on Capricorn Lagna: These children are of indifferent nature. Progress, desire to win is less, with the thought of ‘whatever is fine’. Inferiority goes home They need constant motivation.

Kumbh Lagna: These children, who are intelligent, interested in the subject-study of investigative tendency and winning the minds of teachers and parents, rarely have anything to say.
Pisces Lagna: There is a great lack of concentration in them. Imagination is very good, emotional too. One can progress in studies when given appropriate guidance.
Besides Lagna, planets sitting in Lagna also affect the nature of children. The master of Lagna makes children calm, intelligent. The Sun makes you stubborn and angry. Mars makes it quarrelsome and very courageous. Mercury makes a sharp speech, very eloquent. The moon makes it emotional and timid. Venus gives artistic interest. Saturn gives a lazy, monotonous mentality. Ketu gives aimless, indifferent instinct.
Rahu gives a mentality of raging, lying, working in secret. Similar effects of the sight of different planets are visible on the Lagna. Therefore, considering the planets of the horoscope, if their proper solution is resolved, control can be found on the oddities of the child’s nature.

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