If You Are Afraid Of Kaal Sarp Dosh Then Definitely Read It!

If you are afraid of Kaal Sarp Dosh then definitely read it

The question of whether Kaal Sarp Dosh occurs or not is the most important one. Rituals and poojas are performed in Ujjain and Trimbakeshwar for the peace of Kaal Sarp Dosh. Most people believe that if it was not there, the said pilgrimages would not have had such a huge worship ritual.

Let’s know what is the truth from the most trusted astrologer in Delhi. First, we will tell you what today’s astrology says and does and what the Lal Kitab says in this regard.

What is written in the scriptures?

The ‘Kalsarp’ dosha is also similar to the ‘Kartari’ dosha. Varahamihira has mentioned it in his Samhita ‘Janak Nabh Sanyog’ as ‘Sarpa Yoga’, not Kaal Sarpadosh. At the same time, the description of ‘Sarpa Yoga’ is also found in ‘Sarvali’. Even here, the words Kaal and Dosha are not found. There is no clear mention of Kalsarp Dosh in the old origin or Vedic astrology scriptures.

However, in modern astrology, Kaal Sarp Dosh has got enough space. Yet the opinion of scholars is not the same about this. Modern astrology believes that basically, Rahu’s association with Sun, Moon, and Guru makes Kalasarpa defect. Rahu’s overdevelopment is ‘Kaal’ and Ketu’s overlord is ‘snake’.

Ancient Astrologers have given 12 main types of Kaal Sarp Dosh: –

1. Anant, 2. Kulik, 3. Vasuki, 4. Shankhapal, 5. Padma, 6. Mahapadma, 7. Takshak, 8. Karkotak, 9. Shankland, 10 Deadly, 11. Toxic and 12. Sheshnag. Now, according to astrologers, there are 12 types of Kalsarp Dosha in the horoscope, as well as the position of Rahu, astral planet in transit, or the planet sitting in enemy zodiac sign or those planets which are retrograde. The native also has to face sufferings.

Signs of Kaal Sarp Dosh: Modern astrology also shows the symptoms of Kaal Sarp such as childhood events – accident, injury, illness etc, interruption in learning, delay in marriage, the stress in marital life, divorce, loss of children, cheating, Long illness, accidental days, problems in employment, crisis on women of the house.

Get the snake ritual done in Ujjain. Chant or get serpent mantra or Nag Gayatri done.

Worship Bhairava or chanting Shri Mahamatyunjaya Mantra ends the effect of Rahu-Ketu. Take Nagpanchami from snake and free it in the forest. Take the remedy of ancestral peace. Many such measures are suggested.

What does the Lal Kitab say about Kaal Sarp Dosh?

Rahu ki Maar:

According to the Lal Kitab, Kaal Sarp Dosh is nothing but it is the fault of Rahu. What is the reason for the thought of Kaal Sarp Dosh? Actually, Rahu is responsible for this yoga or dosha. According to the Red Book, Rahu is Bad and Rahu is noble. If Rahu is bad and he is sitting in any food then it will have a bad effect. Rahu’s troubles are always sudden problems.

If there is a sudden problem in your life, trouble has come. The trouble you cannot get out of. There is upheaval in your life. Rahu’s trouble suddenly comes like lightning and goes away in the same way. In makes, you fall overnight. The damage that was to be done at that time happens. You say that it is a matter of our luck or that our fate is bad. So that Rahu’s trouble is a sudden standing problem which is terrible pain.

Luck’s spin:

Rahu’s biggest hindrance is for Jupiter and Jupiter is the symbol of our luck. Many times, the God who has written in our destiny, but Rahu is hindered or Rahu is eclipsed in it. Many times we eclipse it with our deeds and many times it happens due to our planets.

The negative effect of Rahu: Black magic, tantra, sorcery, etc. Rahu planet gets its effect. Is only due to the occurrence of sudden events. Rahu is the factor of our knowledge, which is born in spite of our intellect, such as an idea that would come or suddenly get excited after seeing an event. Rahu is also a factor of a dream. Fearing dreams or waking up in a glow are also considered signs of ill effects of Rahu.

If suddenly the body starts to stiffen or the mind gets engulfed by unnecessary stress and disturbance starts to appear everywhere, like nervousness then the cause of all these is Rahu. Disinterested or mental dementia is also born due to Rahu. Being born enemies becoming dishonest or deceitful, drinking, excessive sexual intercourse or head injury is a sign of Rahu being inauspicious. Such a person is not a condition of progress.

Positive effect:

The person will be wealthy. Imagination will be faster. Due to Rahu’s goodness, one develops the qualities of a superior litterateur, philosopher, scientist, or mystical discipline. The other side of this is that Raja Yoga can also result from its goodness. Usually, its people are more in police or administration.

How Rahu gets auspiciousness?

There are many reasons for Rahu’s deterioration, the main among them is your karma. If karma is bad then luck will also be bad. There are many types of actions. You are not necessarily doing bad deeds. Maybe you are doing pious deeds, yet you are not getting rid of trouble in your life, then you will have to see what other actions you are doing that is causing this trouble or deteriorating work. So let’s know some such actions.

Rahu is also inauspicious due to these reasons: –

* The threshold of the house which is buried, would have deteriorated.
* Sleeplessness at night. Dream only comes at night.
Keep crying the past and imagining the future to cook in empty casserole.
The habit of sleeping on the stomach.
Frequent change of thoughts or decisions in mind.
More afraid of water, fire, and altitude.
Unnecessary apprehension, misery, fear, and restlessness.
Do not believe in anything etc.
Toilets or bathrooms being dirty.
Broken or dirty stairs.

Common remedies of Lal Kitab: Those who are under the Mahadasha of Rahu. Or Rahu is in number 4, 8, or 9. Some special measures for such people.

Eat roti in the kitchen.
Keep walls clean.
Keep toilet, bathroom cleaning.
Good relations with your in-laws.
Let the lunatics eat.
Apply steps for 10 days on the steps of the religious place.
Sandalwood tilak on the forehead.
Solid silver elephant can be kept in the house.
Worship Saraswati.
Measure Mangal or Guru by asking the expert of Lal Kitab.

Measures as per house placement: –

1. House number one: If Rahu in the first house of your horoscope and Ketu in the seventh house, keep a solid silver bullet with you.

2. House number two: If there is Rahu in the second house of your horoscope and Ketu in the eighth, then give a blanket of two colors or more colors.

3. House number three: If there is Rahu in the third house of your horoscope and Ketu in the ninth house, then wear gold. Wear a gold ring or flax gram lentils in the flowing water in the left hand.

4. House number four: If there is Rahu in the fourth house of your horoscope and Ketu in the tenth house, fill honey in a silver box and press it into the ground outside the house.

5. House number five: If Rahu in the fifth house of your horoscope and Ketu in the eleventh house, keep a solid silver elephant in the house.

6. House number six: If Rahu in the sixth house of your horoscope and Ketu in the twelfth house, then serve your sister, keep the fresh flower with you. Dog Cradle.

Measures as per house placement continues……………………

7.House Number Seven: If there is Rahu in the seventh house of your horoscope and Ketu in the first house, then keep the iron tablet with you in red color. It is advisable to fill the water flowing in the silver box with a square piece of silver and keep the box in the house. Keep in mind that the canned water is not dry.

8. House Number eight: If there is Rahu in the eighth house of your horoscope and Ketu in the second house, then it would be good to flow eight pieces of eight hundred grams coin into the flowing water simultaneously.

9. House Number nine: If there is Rahu in the ninth house of your horoscope and Ketu in the third house, then flow the gram pulse in water. Make a silver brick and keep it in the house.

10. House Number ten: If Rahu is in the tenth house of your horoscope and Ketu in the fourth house, then the water of the river or canal flowing in a brass vessel should be filled and kept in the house. Very good if it has a silver lid on it.

11. House Number eleven: If your horoscope is Rahu in the eleventh house and Ketu in the fifth house, after making 10 pieces of 400 grams coin should flow together in the flowing water. Apart from this, take carrots or radishes for 43 days and keep the headrest at bedtime and donate it to the temple, etc. in the morning.

Measures as per house placement continues……………………

12.House Number Twelve: If there is Rahu in the twelfth house of Ketu and Ketu in the sixth house, then a red-colored bag-shaped bag should be filled with fennel or khand and kept in the sleeping room. Clothes should not be shiny. It would be better for Ketu to wear gold jewelry.

Caution: The best astrologer in Delhi says that the above-mentioned measures should be implemented only after taking advice from a qualified astrologer of Lal Kitab because other planets of the horoscope also have to be analyzed.